Exclusive Interview with Ahmad Daham: Guinness World Record holding Drifting Superstar

Ahmad Daham
Just before Ahmad Daham drifted the most powerful 1200 horsepower Lexus from the lowest point on earth, we caught up with him for an exclusive chat on his future plans, partnership with Lexus UAE and what shaped him into the star that he is today.

What made you choose motorsport and especially drifting as a career?

My brother is the person that I was heavily influenced by since my childhood. I chose drifting as a career because of my passion for cars, motorsport and especially drifting.

Building and modifying cars is an expensive sport. How can everyday people be a part of the drifting motorsport?

Drifting per say can be done in any Rear Wheel Drive vehicle; you don’t need to spend much on the car to drift it, many of the stock vehicles can actually perform a lot better as compared to super modified cars, depending of course on the track itself and the driver ability. It is the driver that drifts the car not the car that drifts the driver. When you step into professional drifting you have to meet the safety standards from building a roll cage to having an extinguisher system in your car. These elements can be expensive but it is for the safety of the driver. Also hard work will pay off eventually in attracting sponsors and supporters to help you reach your dream.

What are your future plans with Lexus RCF and LX cars?

The New RC F with Carbon Kevlar Body will be my competition car and you will see it in many competitions and activities, the project to drift from the lowest point on earth which reveals my new car is a project I have been working on to accomplish since 2 years. Ahmad Daham I use the LX570 as my daily and support vehicle to move around and tow my drift cars, as it gives a great towing power yet is super smooth on the road even when towing a drift car in the back. With Lexus, we have plenty of plans that I will be announcing soon

What advice would you give your fans about pursuing motorsports as a passion and career?

The key is to choose a job that you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

Virtual Gaming and motorsport simulators are gaining popularity, any of your favorites?

During COVID 19, I started doing some virtual gaming using Assetto Corsa, Gran turismo, project cars 2 and to be honest for anyone who wants to start his motorsport career, they should start with that first.

Where are we going to see you in action?

  • Emirates Drift Championship
  • Drift Masters in Europe
  • Oman International Drift

Other Facts about Ahmad Daham:

  • Date of Birth : 1st January 1987
  • Place of Birth: Cyprus
  • Nationality: Jordan
  • Career Start: 2011
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