Tesla introducing Model 3 Performance

Tesla - Introducing Model 3 Performance

When we at Tesla designed Model 3, our goal was to build a product that was optimized for manufacturing efficiency. This meant reducing complexity and differentiation between variants. But Model 3 was inherently nimble and fun to drive thanks to its low center of gravity and dynamic chassis. With a few hardware updates we were able to create an accessible, fun and versatile sports car that thrilled in both a straight line and through the corners. Model 3 Performance was born.

Six years after the first Model 3 Performance deliveries, our latest manufacturing and engineering capabilities have allowed us to design, engineer and build a highly differentiated performance product. Building on the quality and platform improvements of the latest Model 3, the new Model 3 Performance delivers a more focused driver experience, plus unique vehicle attributes and design elements.

Our most powerful and dynamic Model 3 yet

Our latest generation performance drive unit unlocks more than 460  system horsepower, races from 0 to 100 kph in as little as 3.1 seconds and a top speed of 262 kph.

This added power is transferred to the road through staggered, forged aluminum 20” wheels, with new 20” summer performance tires. This new staggered fitment provides sharper turn-in response, improved predictability and increased traction out of corners on both road and track surfaces.

Totally new to Model 3 Performance, our adaptive damping technology is fully controlled via Tesla’s in-house software and integrated into our Tesla Vehicle Dynamics Controller (VDC). This next-generation system allows for the ultimate handling performance without giving up everyday usability.

Upgraded chassis, high-performance brakes and Track Mode

We have made significant updates to chassis hardware to match the increased performance of drive systems and suspension. Increased structural stiffness, updated springs, stabilizer bars and bushings deliver a chassis that is more performance-capable, and is highly responsive responds to driver inputs.

Our track-ready brakes now come standard with our high-performance brake pads, delivering more immediate deceleration and higher thermal limits and endurance. Model 3 Performance features our red brake calipers.

The latest generation Track Mode now integrates adaptive suspension controls with a performance-optimized powertrain that immediately responds to driver inputs for maximum control. When engaged, you can customize handling balance, stability controls and regenerative braking via all-new UI.

All of these changes combine to create a driving experience that now more accurately honors driver commands so you can take advantage of the higher performance limits on-road and on-track.

Bespoke design, a Tesla-first

Model 3 Performance also receives a distinctive design compared to other trims. The new front and rear fascias offer more aggressive styling, aerodynamics, and integrated cooling ducts, which work together with the rear diffuser and carbon-fiber spoiler to optimize lift balance and high-speed stability.

Inside, new Sport seats feature enhanced side cushion and side bolster, which provide more lateral support during cornering and dynamic driving. They can also be heated and ventilated. Carbon-fiber trim with a unique, Tesla-first weave pattern, helps Model 3 Performance stand out within the Model 3 lineup.

Model 3 Performance starts at 219,990 AED in UAE. First deliveries will start in Q2. Please check out the Design Studio for the most up to date delivery timeline.

Model 3 line-up starting from 167,990 AED in the UAE.

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