Renault Koleos: An everlasting quest for excellence

An everlasting quest for excellence: Renault Koleos

Versatility is at the heart of Renault as a brand. One of their creations that perfectly define this value is the Renault Koleos. The SUV blends in the best of all worlds, from a stunning design to a powerful engine, luxurious interiors, and automotive features that elevate the driving experience; pure emotion in motion.

Stunning inside out:

Renault Koleos is an internationally loved SUV backed by more assertive exteriors. Its athletic silhouette, bold front-end, C-shaped daytime running lights, and precise contours demand attention and make you stand out on the road.

The interiors further add to the charm. Its spacious cabin, with comfortable and thoughtful seating, a wide range of storage, ambient lighting, and a panoramic sunroof keep you feeling luxurious even if it’s for those shorter grocery store runs or long weekend getaways with loads of travel.

The fine finish overall is reflective of the Renault promise of well-being. The full-grain leather steering wheel brings you into a universe of luxury, and the latest edition of Koleos offers rear legroom that is the most spacious in the segment.

Technology that makes driving a pleasure:

When you are driving a Koleos, you are in control. The 8.7-inch touchscreen tablet with R-Link 2 multimedia and navigation system makes sure you are kept entertained and informed.

If that wasn’t enough, you have a high-tech digital display, a welcoming and wide door opening, and a sliding armrest, so you can feel royal every time you step in. It’s the all-mode 4×4-i transmission that keeps you ready to take on any unbeaten path.

In terms of advanced driver technologies, the Renault Koleos rethinks it all for an enhanced experience with the driver aid systems, which are seamlessly interwoven. How about being able to customize your lights, emergency braking, and even parking? That’s the power and magic of Koleos.

 What’s more?

You would no longer need to worry about the shopping bags and countless things you want to take in and out of the SUV – with a sensor located under the bumper, all you need is a simple gesture with your foot to open the boot.

For those who find parking difficult, the Koleos has easy park assist, hill-start assist, and blind-spot warning features. It also has a provision for fixing the rear side with ISOFIX anchor points to secure child seats safely. That means, whatever your worry, you are covered.

Overall, with an added focus on well-being, comfort, style, and performance, the Renault Koleos makes life less ordinary and more special with every ride.