Nissan Z parade welcomes 7th generation to the Middle East

Over 100 multi-generations Nissan Z parade welcomes the arrival of the sports car’s all-new 7th generation to the Middle East

Dubai, UAE (24th November 2022) – Embodying the Nissan Z’s ethos of a sports car “built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts”, Nissan hosted an exclusive event in Dubai to bring owners of the iconic sports car together and celebrate the arrival of the all-new 2023 Nissan Z. The celebrations, which were dedicated to the sports car fans and enthusiasts across the region, included a breathtaking convoy drive across Dubai and the participation of Nissan’s Brand Ambassador and Nissan Z Product Specialist, Hiroshi Tamura.

Gathering at the Dubai Design District, members of the GTZ Motor Club formed a striking convoy of over 100 vehicles that drove through the picturesque streets of Dubai and mesmerized onlookers on their way to the event. Upon arrival, owners were treated to the world’s first Nissan Z pop-up museum and were taken on an exciting journey through time, including a walk through a customized space inspired by the lively streets of Japan.

Speaking at the event, Abdulilah Wazni, Director of Product, Marketing, and Customer Experience at Nissan Middle East, said: “The Nissan Z holds a special place in the hearts of fans and enthusiasts across the region. This famed sports car is a tangible testament of our commitment to building vehicles that are more connected, more thrilling, and simply more fun to drive. Together at this event, we have witnessed the passion that unites Nissan Z enthusiasts and their unwavering loyalty towards this iconic sports car.”

An icon for over 50 years, the all-new Nissan Z is its most thrilling iteration yet, with 400 horsepower, 475 Nm of torque, and tactile inputs from legendary racing drivers to deliver a truly exhilarating driving experience. This is accompanied by a 6-speed close-ratio manual transmission or an all-new 9-speed automatic transmission and the first-ever introduction of launch control to the Nissan Z line-up.

Lotfi Aichour, Founder & President of the GTZ Motor Club, said: “From being amongst the first in the region to get up close and personal with the all-new 2023 Nissan Z, to spending quality time with the legendary Hiroshi Tamura, this event is a dream come true for many Zenthusiasts (Z Enthusiasts) like myself. On behalf of the club, I would like to thank Nissan for this unique opportunity to bring the Z community together and celebrate the shared admiration for this iconic sports car.”

The all-new 2023 Nissan Z is available for order across Nissan’s partner network in the Middle East.