INFINITI’s unique color palette: A fusion of art and nature

A Fusion of Art and Nature Shines in INFINITI’s Unique Color Palette

Premium Japanese automaker, INFINITI, is celebrating its latest and most unique color, Moonbow Blue. Found on the INFINITI QX60, the rare tone reflects the deeper, more regal shades of the rainbow, creating a dazzling spectrum of purple through green.

Unique Color: Moonbow Blue 

Moonbows are a natural phenomenon that occur during full moons. This color is created when moonlight is refracted through droplets of water, such as the wake of a waterfall, representing a moody, majestic, and more magical tinge of violet.

INFINITI’s designers became entranced by this phenomenon and created their own version of this shifting color while developing the inaugural shade for the launch of the brand’s new three-row SUV, the QX60. The result is Moonbow Blue, which when repurposed on the sleek SUV, makes for a mesmerizing effect with changing color highlights depending on the lighting.

As one of INFINITI’s more unique colors, the premium automaker was inspired to bring the stunning hue to life, in turn celebrating INFINITI’s design philosophy, which takes inspiration from Japanese nature.  By combining shades of blue, grey, lilac and light magenta all at once, INFINITI developed a color that extends beyond the vehicle, in turn blurring the boundaries of art, design and technology to reimagine how colors are looked at.

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