Dubai RTA carries out spot Taxi and Limousine inspections

Dubai Taxi

Over the course of four days the Dubai RTA carried out inspections of the taxis and limousines that serve the many weary travellers, workers and fun-seekers across the city. The field inspections were undertaken at Mirdif City Center, Dubai Festival City, Dubai Mall and Deira City Center.

Cleanliness and Compliance

In checking that the many taxis and limos on the streets meet with the standards outlined by the RTA, the campaign aimed to identify and educate drivers falling short of the mark. The appearance and cleanliness of public transport is a crucial element of Dubai’s image as a world leading recreational and tourist destination.

Also promoting safety and customer care, the RTA offered advice on driver hygiene as well as cleaning instructions for both in, and outside of the vehicles. Through these compliance checks, reductions are made to the number of complaints that are filed by users of the service each year.

Praise For Operators

Praise was given to operators for their compliance with the rules and regulations. Over the four days, 321 inspections were carried out on taxis, resulting in just 28 offences, mainly for cleanliness and hygiene. Of the 100 inspections carried out on limousines, just 2 offences were recorded.

Hailed as a success, the RTA will continue with its year-round inspection campaigns in various areas as well as monitoring road violations. Cracking down on unacceptable activities and violations in accordance with licences and road regulations, the service is deemed safer and rider friendly.

Dubai Taxi Network

In Dubai you have essentially three choices when it comes to cabs. DTC (Dubai Taxi Corporation), Careem or Uber. You can pre-check the price of a fare using the RTA’s S’Hail app or online or through one of the three taxi firms web based calculators.

Each taxi firm operate their own independent app for checking fares, booking or queries. DTC is the official taxi firm and their fares are generally cheaper. Fares in general are not too expensive, and for the most part drivers speak good English and work to a professional standard.

Limo Hire

There are many different Limousine operators in Dubai with a ridiculous number of shapes and sizes of vehicle. You can check our blog on the 5 Craziest Limos to hire by clicking here. Fares for limos are usually calculated on a job-by-job basis, time, or vehicle.

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