5 Craziest Limos to Hire in Dubai

Whether you’re here for a vacation, celebrating a special occasion or simply high rollin’, a Limo has to be one of the most exclusive ways to tour any city. Pulling up at hotels, clubs, bars and restaurants full of tuxedos and evening dresses, a regular sight is a Limo in Dubai. How you may ask, do I stand out from the crowd with such glamorous appearances to keep up with? At AutoDrift.ae, we found blowing people away with something out of the norm does the trick. Our friends over at Dubai Exotic Limo have just what you need. Here are our top 5 picks for out-there Limo rentals.

Cadillac Escalade XXX

Limo in Dubai With space for 20 passengers and its own disco floor, the Cadillac Escalade XXX offers some serious suave styles. With a 42” flatscreen and DVD player, full plush red leather interior and enhanced air conditioning, this popular SUV is perfect for a party.

Pink Panther GMC

Limo in DubaiIf you look pretty in pink, check out the Pink Panther GMC. This 26 passenger extension of a General Motors SUV is as pink on the inside as it is on the outside. Featuring a disco floor, fully stocked refreshment bar and a 42” TV, there isn’t the darkest of roads that you won’t be seen on!

F550 Big Red

Limo in Dubai If pink’s not your passion, but you’re looking to make a statement, the F550 Big Red will be your chariot of choice. The Big Red is as big on the inside as it is out. Carrying 30 passengers, you can stand up and walk around with headroom to spare. With room to boogie, there’s also a pole to swing from, ice pockets to keep your drinks cool and of course, a fully stocked refreshment bar.

Dodge Charger VIP

The Dodge Charger VIP can carry up to 9 passengers. With a fully stocked refreshments bar, it’s a regular favourite for celebrations such as stag or hen do’s, birthdays or ceremonial events around the city. This stretched out classic American muscle car was made famous in the 1980’s classic TV show The Dukes of Hazard. If you’re a fan of the Charger, you might also want to check their SVT edition.

Hummer H2 O

No Limo line-up would be complete without the supreme champion of suave travel, the Hummer H2 O. Taking 20 passengers, this elongated road hog looks just as mean and bullet proof as its original 4 door. Packed full of amenities and entertainment, the Hummer was already the pinnacle of executive travel at the turn of the century. For more on Limo hire, visit www.dubaiexoticlimo.ae
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