Continental: Technologically-advanced tyres for car owners in the Middle East

Continental launches two technologically-advanced new tyres for car owners in the Middle East.
  • Innovative UltraContact and CrossContact H/T tyres now available in the Middle East.
  • Groundbreaking tyres revealed during Contivention 2023 in Dubai.
  • The UltraContact and CrossContact tyres were developed to meet the demands of the region with both SUVs and Sedans.

Dubai, December 2023. Continental, a leading global tyre and automotive technology company, has showcased its continued commitment to customers in the Middle East by launching two innovative new tyres: the UltraContact and CrossContact H/T. These advanced new tyres were revealed at the brand’s annual Contivention event, this year hosted at the Ritz Carlton in Dubai, and attended by VIPs, customers, and partners from across the region.

UltraContact Tyres by Continental 

The new UltraContact tyres provide a perfect blend of performance and durability and have been specially developed for all sedan and coupe vehicles, however, their capabilities are showcased in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles. The Yellow Chili compound ensures excellent mileage, guaranteeing a long service life for the tyres, while the UltraShield casing provides remarkable damage protection for everyday driving.

The harmonious tread pattern design, complemented by uniquely shaped sipes, delivers compelling performance and short braking distances even on wet roads. Additionally, noise-absorbing elements in the grooves contribute to a more peaceful driving experience.

The CrossContact H/T tyres

The CrossContact H/T (highway/terrain) tyre stands out with its exceptional on-road and off-road performance, offering excellent handling and braking capabilities. CrossContact H/T is tailored for versatility and durability. It’s engineered to excel on various terrains, fitted for off-roading Electric and Hybrid SUVs, where it has proven itself for its off-roading suitability and mileage extension capabilities. Its impressive resistance to aquaplaning ensures reliable safety in wet conditions. The precise steering response and superb straight-line tracking contribute to a confident driving experience, even in difficult conditions.

Manufactured for rims with diameters between 15 and 21 inches, the CrossContact H/T tyre excels on various terrains, providing reliable handling and braking. Its thoughtful design prevents stones from becoming lodged, while the sidewall design enhances steering response and maintains a smooth and quiet drive. It’s a versatile choice that delivers a well-rounded performance for diverse driving conditions.

Continental’s launch of these two new tyres underscores the company’s dedication to shaping the future of automotive technology, promising revolutionary advancements that will undoubtedly transform the way we perceive and engage with driving, while reaffirming its commitment to lead the way and transition towards a more environmentally friendly automotive world.

The two tyres are the result of an extensive development process that has incorporated not only the highest quality assurance, but also the unique expertise that Continental has accumulated over many years. UltraContact and CrossContact H/T represent meticulously calibrated engineering solutions designed to provide heightened performance and superior functionality.

Speaking at Contivention 2023, José De la Fuente, Managing Director of Continental Tires Middle East, commented: “The new UltraContact and CrossContact H/T tyres are clear evidence of Continental’s focus on presenting innovative products that are shaping the future of the automotive industry. Our customers know that when they fit either of these tyres to their cars, they will benefit from the highest standards of safety, reliability, durability and sustainability.”