INFINITI Middle East & Creations of LA illuminate the QX60 and QX50 Sport

INFINITI Middle East and Creations of LA Illuminate the QX60 and QX50 Sport with a Stirring Visual Journey

DUBAI, UAE — In a symphony of artistry and inspiration, INFINITI Middle East has once again partnered with the daring content creator and photographer, Creations of LA, to embark on a visual odyssey through the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. This unique partnership has produced a captivating story that marries automotive finesse with the artistic know-how of Creations of LA.

INFINITI Middle East Campaign

The QX50 Sport became an enabler for Creations of LA’s aesthetic prowess with each photograph celebrating the charismatic presence of the QX50 Sport. Using the UAE’s modern landscape as his backdrop, he meticulously unwrapped the car in his own unique style showcasing its sculpted lines, swooping curves and wide, dynamic stance.

But the journey did not end there. Taking his unique point of view to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,  Creations of LA turned his lens towards the INFINITI QX60. Against the backdrop of Riyadh’s iconic landmarks, the powerful stance and dazzling design details of this luxury SUV.

In the bustling heart of Riyadh, Creations of LA’s lens captured the essence of the QX60 as it effortlessly blended with the city’s charm. Each image painted a picture of sophistication, highlighting the vehicle’s intricate design and attention to detail. Through LA’s work the QX60, with its bold presence and timeless appeal, became embedded into Riyadh’s urban landscape.

The aesthetic campaign by INFINITI Middle East and Creations of LA is more than just a collaboration; it’s an artistic fusion that breathes life into the vehicles themselves. The creativity, innovation, and unique perspective that Creations of LA brings to each frame are in perfect harmony with INFINITI’s brand ethos, with the partnership being a testament to the belief that exceptional artistry knows no boundaries.

In the world of automotive content creation, this partnership between INFINITI Middle East and Creations of LA stands as a visual journey of the fusion between technology and creativity.