Alfa Romeo Junior: Sportiness goes compact

Alfa Romeo Junior

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 22, 2024: Sporty at heart, compact in size and Italian style at first sight. The wait is over. Alfa Romeo presents the new ALFA ROMEO JUNIOR to the international press in Milan, at the historic headquarters of the Automobile Club Milano, with a dual purpose: on the one hand, to demonstrate Alfa Romeo’s new language; on the other, to confirm that visceral and proud partnership with the city where Alfa Romeo was founded in 1910 as an emblem of the perfect balance between innovation and tradition, founding characteristics that bind the brand to its hometown.


Orders are now open for ALFA ROMEO JUNIOR in the “SPECIALE” launch version, the new gateway to the Alfa Romeo world for everyone, Alfisti fans and beyond, who has been awaiting the brand’s return to the segment. To play a leading role, Alfa Romeo offers the sportiest and most exciting compact car to drive in the entire class, being just over 4 metres long.  

In a segment populated by sporty versions derived from generalist models, ALFA ROMEO JUNIOR is proposed as cool and unique, combining a captivating style with the most advanced technology in terms of connectivity, driving dynamics and uncompromising comfort, as evidenced by the largest trunk among premium competitors (400 L).  

ALFA ROMEO JUNIOR is available in “IBRIDA” configuration, the first in the segment to also offer the Q4 all-wheel drive variant with automated rear-wheel drive axle management, and as “ELETTRICA,” in two power variants with 156 hp and a range of up to 410 km, as well as the sportier 240-hp VELOCE, the epitome of Alfa Romeo’s sporting DNA.  


The Alfa Romeo Centro Stile redefines the canons of design in the segment

An Alfa Romeo is based on the perfect balance between functional beauty and an unparalleled heritage, making it the epitome of Italian style in the automotive field. The new ALFA ROMEO JUNIOR is definitely no exception, as its compact dimensions – a length of 4.17 meters, width of 1.78 m and height of 1.5 m – encompass the uniqueness of the Alfa Romeo Centro Stile’s original and modern Made in Italy design, typical of the brand, expressed in balance of proportions, purity of lines and attention to the quality of the surfaces. Alfa Romeo’s stylists have modeled this ‘skin’ with artisanal care on the mechanical parts, completely detaching themselves from the concepts of cold rationality in vogue. The proportions are set out with stylistic features relating to tradition, such as the limited overhangs, the muscular wheel arches, and the iconic ‘truncated tail,’ a reference to the legendary Giulia TZ. The ‘simplicity’ of Italian style, especially Alfa Romeo’s, conceals one of the most complex creative processes in the industry: car design. ALFA ROMEO JUNIOR boasts a strong identity, made up of a limited number of features that include the legendary shield, in the Leggenda and Progresso variants, perhaps the most famous and recognizable signature in the automotive world. A contribution is made to its powerful personality by the bold ‘look’ of the front, with ‘3+3’ and adaptive Full LED Matrix headlights.  


‘Driver-oriented’ for an authentic and engaging driving experience.

The same inspiration of pure sportiness can be found inside the car, where the standout features are the Italian attention to every detail, the use of the finest materials and the placement of all the controls within the driver’s reach, as demonstrated by the compact steering wheel, to adapt to all driving styles. Most of all, the instrument panel and its historical ‘telescope’ design creates that direct visual connection. In the middle of the cluster, the standout feature is a fully digital 10.25” TFT screen, to access the car’s data and the settings for the driving technologies. In the middle of the dashboard and oriented towards the driver, a 10.25” touchscreen system developed to work with widgets, graphic components designed for intuitive interaction with all the features, which can be customized via quick and easy drag and drop. Every user can create their own homepage, where each of the car’s features is an app in itself. To further embellish the interior, the air conditioning vents in the shape of a quadrifoglio (four-leaf clover), the symbol par excellence of Alfa Romeo sportiness. Finally, to catch the eye and welcome the driver, Sabelt sports seats featuring an enveloping backrest that combines high mechanical resistance, perfect ergonomics and structural lightness.  


ALFA ROMEO JUNIOR comes in at the top of its class. The most spacious trunk in the segment.

Includes Level 2 autonomous driving.

Choosing ALFA ROMEO JUNIOR equates to an unwillingness to compromise between solutions based on the centrality of the person sitting in the driver’s seat and on the utmost well-being of all the passengers. Despite its compact size, ALFA ROMEO JUNIOR boasts the largest trunk in its class (BEV) with a load capacity of as much as 400 liters, accessible using handsfree technology. ALFA ROMEO JUNIOR also comes with exclusive features such as the convenient “Alfa Romeo cable organizer” storage compartment located under the bonnet, as a handy place to store the charging cable. To increase the comfort even further, ALFA ROMEO JUNIOR offers a series of driver assistance features, to help with the longitudinal and lateral control of the vehicle (level 2 autonomous driving). Together with the 360° parking sensors, the 180° rear camera monitors the surrounding area, for an innovative and practical semi-autonomous parking system.

Finally, ALFA ROMEO JUNIOR can also include proximity access technology, to open and close your car quickly and easily by coming closer to or moving away from the vehicle, with no need for the customer to take any action.


A new concept of sportiness.

The electric version of the ALFA ROMEO JUNIOR, has a new-generation power source, combining an electric motor (“Hybrid Synchronous Motor”) and a latest-generation battery. With its high power, torque, and specific calibration of the electric powertrain, the new compact sports car offers uncompromising driving pleasure with segment-leading dynamics. Available in two power versions, 156 or 240 hp, the new car ensures excellent performance and an engaging and sporty drive, like every Alfa Romeo. The 54-kWh battery offers high energy density and a very good ratio of rated to usable energy. Specifically, in the 156-hp version the lithium-ion battery pack provides 410 km of range in the WLTP cycle, or 590 km in the urban cycle. Charging up the new ALFA ROMEO JUNIOR is very straightforward: at 100-kW DC fast charging stations, it takes less than 30 minutes to charge the batteries from 10 to 80%.  


the emotions of electric mobility with no need for charging

The new ALFA ROMEO JUNIOR offers two traction solutions for the Ibrida version: front-wheel drive or Q4 all-wheel drive, a first in the premium segment, which will be available at a later stage.

ALFA ROMEO JUNIOR IBRIDA adopts a 136-hp 48-V Hybrid VGT (Variable-Geometry Turbo) architecture. The internal combustion engine takes on the 1.2-liter 3-cylinder Miller cycle engine with variable-geometry turbo and distribution chain for maximum reliability. The electrical component consists of a 48-volt lithium-ion battery and a 21-kW electric motor built into the innovative 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox, which works together with the inverter and transmission control unit to ensure maximum efficiency.

ALFA ROMEO JUNIOR IBRIDA offers an extremely smooth driving experience to move around the city in electric mode more than 50% of the time; ALFA ROMEO JUNIOR guarantees electric driving not only during parking maneuvers or at low speeds in urban areas, but also out of town with a limited load at up to 150 km/h.  


The electric car the Alfa Romeo way: simple and reassuring to support the customer.

The ALFA ROMEO JUNIOR SPECIALE introduces “Ready to drive, Anywhere, Anytime,” an extremely reassuring and simple offer that supports customers in their everyday relationship with their electric car. Organizing your trips out of town or managing your daily routine has never been easier, and you can charge your car anywhere and anytime.