2020 KIA Seltos: Review, Specs and Price in UAE

The 2020 KIA Seltos has arrived in UAE with the intention to shake things up in the compact SUV market. It brings sophistication & assertiveness, outclassing competition like the Honda HR-V and perhaps even threatening its own elder sister, the KIA Sportage. Seltos is available in 1.4L (turbo charged) 1.6L (naturally aspirated) engine sizes. While I got to drive both, I was particularly impressed with the 1.6L engine.
1.6L Four-cylinder in-line, naturally-aspirated engine
There is so much to like about the Seltos. It has class leading space, cutting edge safety features, latest infotainment technology and amazing fuel economy. On top of everything, its price does not break the bank and this is the kind of value for money, buyers in the B-Class SUV segment are looking for. Handling for the Seltos is particularly impressive. The power steering wheel is heavy and gives considerable driving confidence while turning. At speeds over 130 km per hour, the car does feel a bit unstable though. Using the Drive Mode Select system, drivers can choose their preferred style or adjust depending on the road conditions. The three modes are ‘Normal’, ‘Eco’, and ‘Sport’. The Eco mode is tuned to maximize vehicle range by using fuel-saving measures, while Sport mode increases turn-in responses from the steering and electric motor to maximize the dynamic driving feel of the car. Normal mode provides a careful balance between the two. It also comes equipped with multiple grip controls. Drivers can choose from mud, wet and sand mode depending on road condition Obviously there is room for improvement in every car and I think its the acceleration that KIA needs to work on. The 0-100 km per hour dash is 12 seconds and it felt painfully slow.


Engine: 1.6 Liter – 4 Cylinders (naturally aspirated)
Horsepower: 123 Bhp
Torque: 151 Nm
Drive System: Front Wheel Drive
Transmission:  Automatic – 6 Speed


With its bold and dynamic profile, the Seltos brings with it a series of distinctive exterior design details, such as its long hood, a strong, character line on the front bumper, and sharp lines pressed into the bodywork. It also sports a wide ‘tiger nose grille’, making the car instantly recognizable as a KIA, but with a new diamond-pattern surface. Kia Seltos 2020The Seltos is available with intricate and sharply designed full LED headlights and taillights, affording a commanding and confident presence on the road. Delicate strips of white light span the front, while the car’s optional LED headlamps provide a light signature which sits above distinctive 3D multi-layer indicators and ‘heartbeat’ positioning lamps.Kia Seltos 2020 The Seltos’ body is made up of a blend of steel and aluminum, maximizing torsional rigidity while keeping body weight low. With a high proportion of Advanced High-Strength Steel components, the rigid body-shell reduces road vibrations and enhances occupant safety in the event of a collision. Kia Seltos 2020The Seltos boasts a drag coefficient of just 0.35 Cd, carving through the air more efficiently than many other cars in the compact SUV segment. The aerodynamics are aided by a subtle tailgate spoiler, as well as measures to enhance under-body airflow, such as an optimized lower bumper lip, wheel deflectors and smooth under-floor panels.Seltos Kia 2020 The suspension on the KIA Seltos front end is fully-independent by subframe-mounted MacPherson struts, coil springs and gas-filled shock absorbers, with anti-roll stabilizer bar. The rear end gets semi-independent by CTBA (coupled torsion beam axle), coil springs and gas-filled shock absorbers, with anti-roll stabilizer bar
Kia Seltos
Standard Wheels are 16 inch Steel but optional 17 inch Alloy wheels are available
Its robust shoulder line and glasshouse shape, which tapers towards the rear of the car, lends the car an air of understated sportiness. The rear bumper with a metallic muffler effect accentuates the dynamic appearance.Kia Seltos 2020 Generous luggage space of 433 Liters means you can fit in one large and one medium size suitcase comfortably. Kia Seltos Trunk


Developed to meet the needs of youthful, tech-savvy buyers, the refined and advanced cabin is characterized by broad, sweeping shapes and highly technical details.Kia Seltos InteriorThe focal point is a sweeping instrument panel with an asymmetric layout, creating a cockpit-style environment for the driver, and an open, welcoming space for passengers. The ergonomics of the cabin allow the driver to sit comfortably with a commanding view, helping to maintain focus on the road ahead and naturally reduce fatigue. Within the lounge-like and spacious interior, the Seltos also houses an available 8.0-inch Head-Up Display system which projects relevant driving information on to a small glass panel behind the steering wheel.Kia Seltos 2020 HUD
Kia Seltos 2020
Seltos has an electric motor-driven rack-and-pinion power steering
At the center of the dashboard is an infotainment system with a 10.2 inch wide screen. It is one KIA Seltos’ several features that maximize convenience, connectivity and ease of use. Standing proud of the instrument panel, the infotainment system is positioned in such a way as to maximize ease of use and visibility for drivers. Seltos 2020 KiaBeneath, physical dials control the car’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning, providing a highly-ergonomic and tactile way to control the cabin environment.Kia SeltosComfort is also assured with a rear bench seat back that can recline from 26 to 32 degrees, a larger span than is found in other cars in the class, ensuring rear passengers can find their most comfortable seating position. Integrated curtains can also be pulled up from the base of the rear windows to shield rear passengers’ eyes from bright sunlight.Kia Seltos Seating

2020 KIA Seltos Price in UAE:  Starting from AED 68,000

KIA Seltos Review Ratings
  • Performance - 6.9/10
  • Driving Pleasure - 7.4/10
  • Look and Style - 8/10
  • Fuel Economy - 7.8/10
  • Value for Money - 7.5/10


With its current price point and all the class leading features, the KIA Seltos will be one of the most popular compact city SUVs in the middle east.


  • Stylish Exterior
  • Comfortable Interior
  • Good Infotainment
  • Impressive Fuel Economy
  • Decent Handling


  • Average Acceleration
  • Confusing Head Up Display
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