The rebellious MG GT takes part in the Red Bull Car Park

The Rebellious MG GT Takes Part in the Red Bull Car Park Drift for the Second Year in a Row
Middle East [14, August, 2023]: Two years of unstoppable synergy. MG Motor has proudly partnered for the second year in a row with Red Bull for another exhilarating year of pushing boundaries and creating unforgettable memories for auto enthusiasts in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Through MG’s official distributor, the Modern Equipment Supply Company, the brand has continued its alliance with Red Bull to bring even more adrenaline-pumping moments in its fully modified and rebranded MG GT.

This year’s championship has been a spectacle as the worlds and the region’s most famous Rally and drifting champion Abdo Feghali effortlessly showcased the full potential of the extraordinary and fully modified MG GT. He dazzled the audience with his drifting skills during his show tour, and showed fans the power, stability, and the pure adrenaline rush that the MG GT was able to deliver.

The Red Bull Car Park

This year’s Red Bull Car Park Championship witnessed over twenty skilled Jordanian drivers putting their drifting prowess to the test on the most exhilarating and challenging tracks. The event drew an enthusiastic audience, whose numbers grow year after year, along with representatives from regional as well as local press.

Commenting on this partnership, “Eng. Muhammad Omar Shaheen” the CEO of Modern Equipment Supply Company, said: “We are proud of this strategic partnership with Red Bull. This collaboration aligns perfectly with MG’s vision since its inception, aiming to cater to the passion of premium cars and motorsports enthusiasts. Additionally, this led MG to achieve many awards in motorsports globally over the years, proving time and time again that it is the pride of the brand’s British heritage. We seek, with the rise of MG’s position in Jordan and the increasing demand for its ownership, to make it the best-selling brand in the Jordanian market.”

It is expected that the new MG GT model will be widely welcomed in Jordan, especially among young car enthusiasts who see it as a reflection of their independence and passion for adventure.

Mr. Tom Lee, The Managing Director of MG Motor Operations in the Middle East and North Africa, said, “We are pleased in the efforts invested from Modern Equipment Supply Company, which has set the MG Motor brand on a strong path since the establishment of this partnership in Jordan. The commitment our local distributor in Jordan is doing for the MG brand is strong and we are proud of the lineup we have to offer. We look forward to bringing even more new products to meet our customers’ demands in Jordan that will further help strengthen our positioning in the market”.

After the fierce competition among the elite drift drivers in Jordan who ignited the Jordan Rally arena in the Dead Sea, Moaid Marwan Yousef won this round of Red Bull Car Park Drift, thus qualifying to represent the Kingdom in the World Finals of the series that will be held in Qatar’s capital in early December.