The Ford Taurus: A legacy of quality endures

The Ford Taurus: A Legacy of Quality Endures in the Middle East

With its dominant market share in the sedan space, the Ford Taurus continues to captivate drivers across the region. From its groundbreaking introduction in 1985 to the all-new model, we explore the Taurus’ enduring legacy of quality and innovation

The Ford Taurus has left an indelible mark on the Middle Eastern automotive landscape, particularly in Saudi Arabia, where its popularity remains unwavering.

With a leading market share for its category in the region, the Taurus has garnered the trust and admiration of drivers seeking a sedan that seamlessly blends style, performance, comfort, and reliability.

“Inviting design, elegant interior, compelling performance, and advanced technology – these are all reasons why the Taurus is our true flagship sedan,” explains Sreejith Govind, Brand Marketing Specialist, Ford Middle East.

The Birth of the Ford Taurus: A New Era in Car Design

The Birth of the Taurus: A New Era in Car Design Nicknamed the ‘Jelly bean’ for its aerodynamic shape, the Taurus made its groundbreaking debut in 1985, setting new quality standards for Ford and the entire automotive industry. Car enthusiasts eagerly awaited its release, intrigued by its innovative design, which broke away from traditional boxy shapes of the era. The Taurus introduced a sleek, aerodynamic silhouette, revolutionizing car design and raising the bar for sedan aesthetics.  

Notable Ford Taurus Moments: A Legacy of Achievement

Throughout its illustrious history, the Ford Taurus has achieved several noteworthy milestones that solidify its reputation for excellence. The second-generation Taurus, introduced in 1991, captured hearts across the US and became the best-selling car in Ford’s home country. In 1998, the Taurus also made history as the first four-door sedan approved for NASCAR – a testament to its impressive performance capabilities.

Nine years later, the fifth-generation Taurus was honored with the highest safety rating of 5 stars by the independent nonprofit Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), exemplifying Ford’s dedication to passenger protection.


A Personal Connection: Our Product Manager’s Favorite Historical Taurus

Govind holds a special place in his heart for one historic Taurus in particular. “My favorite has to be the 3.5L V6 SHO (Super High Output) that was available from 2010 to 2019,” says Govind.

“Delivering a whopping 365HP and 475NM of torque while sporting a three-bar chrome wide-toothed grille, SHO C-Pillar logo, this Taurus offered a perfect blend of power and stunning design. It also introduced several convenience features that remain a Taurus mainstay today – including Sports Mode, a touchscreen, suite of driver-assist functions, and spacious seating.”  

The All-New Taurus: Redefining Excellence

Fast forward to 2023, the all-new Taurus carries the torch for this historic sedan’s legacy of quality, delivering features that captivate modern drivers. A refreshed exterior design exudes innovation and excitement, infusing the classic nameplate with a fresh, modern appeal. Inside the cabin, the Taurus boasts the biggest center touchscreen in its class, a 13.2-inch display running SYNC® technology, Apple CarPlay™, and Android Auto™ integration, elevating connectivity and convenience.

“As a driver, what excites me most about the all-new Taurus is the seamless way you can operate the 13-inch touchscreen, which wirelessly mirrors your smartphone,” says Govind.

Under the hood, the Taurus houses a powerful and efficient 2.0L EcoBoost Turbocharged engine, paired with an 8-speed Auto and direct injection. With 232HP and 388Nm of torque, this highly efficient engine strikes the perfect balance between power and fuel efficiency.

Moreover, the all-new Taurus pampers its occupants with premium seats in a spacious cabin, with seven-color ambient lighting and a dual-panel panoramic roof providing a customizable experience that suits every mood and time of day – accentuated by the sun, moon, or city lights.

Comfort is further emphasized through advanced driver-assistance and convenience features. An 8” digital cluster and a suite of driver-assist technologies enhance the driving experience, making each journey safe, enjoyable, and unforgettable. The all-new Taurus is also equipped with a powerful dual-zone AC system, developed for and tested extensively in the Middle East – making the nameplate a sanctuary even in the hottest temperatures.

“The Taurus name has an iconic legacy stretching back multiple decades, which exemplifies the very best of our global product development and understanding what the customers want in this segment,” adds Govind.

With its rich legacy and the all-new model’s innovation, the Ford Taurus continues to drive excellence in the Middle East, capturing the hearts of drivers and setting new standards for quality in the sedan segment.