Residents can renew car registration without paying fines

Residents can complete the renewal process through the RTA website or app

RTA app
Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has confirmed from March 22 onwards, Dubai and Abu Dhabi residents will be able to renew their vehicle registrations only through online channels. Vehicle inspection, fine payment, and traffic black points will be exempted for the next three months starting today. The Ministry of Interior on Thursday said the decision is part of the country’s preventive measures to protect customers and residents from Covid-19. “Customers may benefit from this measure without the need to pay traffic fines, perform vehicle inspection or risk confiscation or traffic points,” the ministry had tweeted. Residents can complete the renewal process through the RTA website ( ) and mobile app RTA Dubai. During this time, many physical government offices are open but with shorter working hours. Nevertheless, we would like to inform you of the services present online which can help you in the following ways.


An App developed by the government which has 85 city services ranging from payments such as utility bills, traffic fine, Salik, NOL and fuel top-ups, car registration renewals, flight tracking and much more. Every resident should have this app installed since it has all the services listed at your fingertips.  

RTA Dubai

A personalized dashboard for your vehicles that can top up your salik, parking payment, renew driver’s license and fine payment. Additionally, the app provides you a 24/7 live chat with a representative for any queries.  

Dubai Police

The app grants you access to all the smart services. It is intuitive with several features such as Drive Mode, Police Station Mode, reporting traffic accidents, reporting crimes and much more. The app allows for faster and safer commute in Dubai.   For more information, you can get in touch with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) on 800 342 or you can click here to visit their website. If you found this useful you may also want to check out our guide to setting up Salik in Dubai.
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