Pirelli P Zero Trofeo RS is born

Dubai, July 7, 2023 – Pirelli presents the P Zero Trofeo RS: the latest version of the semi-slick tyre that is designed for carmakers aiming to highlight the performance of their most sporting models. One example is Pagani Automobili, which was the first to request a specific version of the new tyre for the Utopia; its latest hypercar.

The new tyre was born as a technical evolution of the P Zero Trofeo R and distinguishes itself also by its position in the marketplace. The P Zero Trofeo R was originally designed as an aftermarket tyre to improve on-track performance, while the P Zero Trofeo RS is primarily intended as original equipment, giving manufacturers the chance to supply cars that are already primed for a sports driving experience from new.  

This new generation of semi-slick Pirelli tyres offers even more performance in the dry as well as extra consistency. When the tyre is being used most intensively, performance is maintained for longer to allow more speed and safety over several different track sessions: a result obtained thanks to Pirelli’s extensive experience in the top categories of motorsport. The materials used, especially in the tread pattern compound, make full use of that know-how, adapting it to both road and amateur track use. As this tyre is original equipment for hypercars and supercars homologated for the road, Pirelli’s engineers also concentrated on safety in wet asphalt conditions.  


Pirelli’s research and development department was able to apply a series of innovative technologies to the P Zero Trofeo RS, developed thanks also to the company’s engagement in top-level motorsport. These are available from an on-demand portfolio, to reach the targets defined by manufacturers for each specific model.

Examples include Multi-compound Tread: a technology that allows tyres to be personalised to complement the individual characteristics of each car by matching them to different tread pattern compounds from Pirelli’s Prestige catalogue. For the Pagani Utopia, P Zero Trofeo RS tyres capable of elevating performance in extreme sports driving compared to the P Zero Corsa were requested, without compromising the balance of the car or the feeling experienced by the driver. This mission was accomplished thanks especially to the selected compounds. For the rear tyres in particular, the most performance-focussed compounds were chosen to deliver speed and safety on the track as well as ease and predictability on the road.  

Another innovation that Pirelli’s engineers had at their disposal was Virtual Geometry Development, which allowed them to assess a huge number of different profiles and footprints through virtual modelling, in order to define the reaction of the tyres to driver inputs with maximum precision.  

This virtual development process was used extensively for the Pagani Utopia, before the first physical prototypes were driven on track. Plenty of work was done on the contact patch in particular, to offer the ultimate in grip and control.  

The new Pirelli P Zero Trofeo RS is already available for the cars using it as original equipment, and in future a wide range of aftermarket tyres will be available. The P Zero Trofeo R will remain available in a specific selection of sizes.