Eccentrica prototype’s world premiere held in Milan

World premiere for the Eccentrica prototype based on the 1990s Diablo
An event was held at Garage 21 in Milan to unveil the Eccentrica prototype. This restomod is based on the 1990s’ Diablo and pays tribute to the iconic model. The venue, Garage 21, provided a perfect setting for the occasion.

This is the initial offering from a start-up in San Marino that goes by the same name. The company has aspirations of being a top restomod business globally.

Emanuel Colombini, born in San Marino in 1978, is a passionate and dynamic entrepreneur and founded the project with a dedication to long-term projects and constant improvement. He began his career over twenty years ago at the family business, the Colombini Group, and in 2019 was appointed as the President after serving as the CEO for 15 years. The Colombini Group now has 1,200 employees and generates a revenue of €300 million.  

Eccentrica has already secured a group of distinguished investors, such as Angelo Radici, the President of the Radici Group, as well as Riccardo Marzorati, and Giovanni Battista Vacchi, AD of the Colombini Group and Founder of GBV Partners.

The Diablo has never been reinterpreted before, possibly because of its iconic history and popularity in media. However, Colombini, who has a deep appreciation for the Italian brand and the model, was the perfect person to take on the task.

Emanuel Colombini stated, “As a child I remember seeing the red Diablo in the first release of the Quattroruote magazine. It was love at first sight! It’s hard for other cars to leave such a strong impression on me. Later, after having had the chance to drive the GT version, I decided to pay homage to it, conceiving of a restomod company built around this project. At its essence lies the idea that the hypercar and supercar market will require a product with a more authentic soul, precisely like the sensations drivers experienced while driving these speedsters.

The Eccentrica prototype boasts unique companies in the automotive industry, as well as renowned technical partners who have provided exclusive features. Pirelli provided the tires, Brembo created the braking system, Marantz designed the audio system, Capristo produced the exhaust system, and Alcantara made the upholstery.  

Restomods begin with an iconic vehicle that is no longer produced, known as the “donor car”. It is then redesigned and reconstructed with modern components to create a car with advanced technical features and high-quality finishes, while still retaining its unique character from the past.  

For the Eccentrica, the donor car used is from the first series of the Diablo model. When the supercar was first introduced in January 1990, it quickly gained popularity due to its sleek and aggressive design by Marcello Gandini, as well as its impressive performance. In fact, it was the fastest production car at the time, with a maximum speed of 325 km/h.  

The restomod based on the Diablo is a truly impressive piece of automotive art. It aims to revitalize and modernize the original car’s raw and instinctive driving experience by upgrading its technology and design. The result is a more powerful and fierce version of the original car, with enhanced features that take the 1990s’ mechanics to new heights.  

Eccentrica, a start-up based in San Marino, is taking advantage of the thriving restomod market. They have combined their founder’s managerial skills and love for cars with the expertise of renowned partners and suppliers to create a well-organized and efficient operation.  

The name “Eccentrica” comes from the late-Latin word “Eccentrus”, meaning a position far from the center. The inspiration behind this name comes from Ptolemaic astronomy, which features deferent motion and orbits, specifically, eccentric ones. In mechanics, the term “eccentric” refers to elements that create a decentered motion from the axis and transform movement. This concept gave rise to the brand’s name and products. An Eccentrica car is one that is transformed, brave, ruthless, and, at the same time, pays homage to the principles of classic mechanics.  

The Diablo Eccentrica, initially, is a singular and exclusive automobile, with 19 distinctive models, that is bound to become increasingly valuable over time due to its rarity and popularity within the innovative yet nostalgic sector.  

The Eccentrica prototype is making its way to some of the most exciting car events in the world. From its debut in Milan to the upcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed in England, and then on to Monterey Car Week with a special event in partnership with important dealers in the industry. Exciting times are ahead for car enthusiasts who will have the opportunity to witness this incredible prototype in action.


Carlo Borromeo stated, “For those of us who grew up in the 90s, the Diablo is not only a car, but a genuine icon representing all of the enthusiasm and ambition one can dream of. This is the most ambitious project we have ever been a part of and we are really proud to have aided Emanuel and the Eccentrica team in carrying out their vision.”

The restomod based on the Diablo designed by Eccentrica required a careful design study to highlight the personality and stylistic features of the original model and preserve its iconic nature. In particular, the work of the design firm BorromeodeSilva has enhanced the appropriate balance between size and performance, taking inspiration from the sporty Diablo GTR.

The bodywork of the donor car was completely revised except for the windshield, which remains the same. All the other parts (bumpers, hoods, flanks, and side skirts) have been replaced with new components, providing perfect integration and greater efficiency. Everything has been enhanced by a series of eye-catching details which will not go unnoticed to an expert eye or an Italian design lover.  

The vehicle’s original proportions have been taken to the extreme to highlight its aggressive look and handling, and stability, as demonstrated by the widened track both in the front and rear areas. Length and height remain unchanged, while the overhang is shorter. The overall volume of the front has been designed as a wedge which has been set in a trapezoidal shape.

Added to the front and rear on the flanks are new 19” alloy wheels whose design comes from the world of motorsport.  

The rear area’s horizontal design was taken from the original model and enhanced with new finely tuned details like slender carbon bumpers, two large air intakes where the main radiators can be found, and two iconic taillights, which have been reinterpreted based on the latest developments in the field of automobile lighting.  

One of the new hypercar’s most distinctive and eccentric features are its “pop-down headlights”, which stand out for their retro-futuristic look and compliance with current standards.  

The engine compartment of Eccentrica’s V12 car is a standout feature with its bold and unique design that showcases the impressive engineering. Currently, during the validation process, the engine is covered by two carbon covers with the phrase “Remove before flight” borrowed from aviation. These covers will later be replaced with two mobile components once the car’s technical development is complete.  

Inspired by the Diablo SV, the air scoops which emerge from the roof are a vibrant and functional detail. From behind, one can appreciate their sculpture form, while from the sides, they almost disappear within the car’s body. On the front, there are also two elements which help convey the air.  

Last but not least, the exterior design of the vehicle has several Easter Eggs which enhance the project and highlight the conceptual and productive capacity of the Eccentrica team. These include the tow hook, which is in the front bumper and has a contrasting colour and different finish, and the NACA air intakes located above the wheelbase, which recall bullhorns in a clear homage to the Diablo name.  

The interiors of the Eccentrica have been created to be a meeting point between the minimalism of the early 1990s and the state-of-art mechanics typical of luxury watchmaking.  

This creates an elegantly sporty atmosphere which can combine the charm of the past with modern functionality. The goal was twofold: substituting all the plastic elements which were typical of the 1990s with more modern materials and completely overhauling the ergonomics and user experience.

Embedded into each vehicle will be a refined and powerful audio system created in partnership with Marantz to deliver the Most Musical Sound. Marantz has established a 70-year legacy of delivering unparalleled, high-fidelity audio experiences through products that are master crafted for flawless and personalised listening, allowing users to immerse themselves in the whole sound and get as close as possible to the original recording.  

The Eccentrica prototype is an exciting vehicle that offers a dynamic experience from the moment you turn the ignition. Inspired by motorsports and aviation, the ignition procedure is a genuine ritual that you need to experience to fully appreciate. To start the vehicle, simply sit down, insert the key, and delicately pull the levers in front of the gearshift, which are protected to avoid accidental shutdowns. This will turn on the fuel and injection pumps, allowing you to press the injection button and then the ignition button in a specific sequence that provides safety and precision. This unique process pays homage to popular video games and cult films like “Top Gun”.

The interior of the car exudes a sense of elegance and simplicity. The use of plain blue Alcantara on the central tunnel and interior upholstery of the doors, combined with the seamless dashboard, creates a spacious and clean look. The combination of carbon fiber and Alcantara adds a linear touch, bringing a sense of sophistication to the design.  


It’s clear that the Eccentrica prototype is a project of immense significance, and it requires a great deal of technical development. The dedicated team at BorromeodeSilva design firm has been working alongside experts in engineering, motorsport, and restomod since the beginning to ensure that everything is perfect. They’re currently putting the finishing touches on the technology upgrade, which is going to provide future customers with an exceptional driving experience. This is made possible by combining ultralight materials, advanced technical solutions, and elegant design in just the right way.  

Once the technical development has been completed, Eccentrica will be a street-legal vehicle but also fit for those who want to hit the track. In its first virtual simulations, it performs like a real hyper car with acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds, a top speed of 335 km/h, and a lateral acceleration in curves of 1.2g.  

The original 5.7-liter V12 engine has been altered to provide technical improvements like new valves and camshafts, slightly increasing its maximum power (550 HP at 7,000 rpm) and maximum torque (600 Nm at 6,5000 rpm). This intervention, which is still in the validation phase, has been combined with wide use of composite materials like titanium and carbon fiber to reduce the vehicle’s overall weight. The aim is to reach an excellent weight/power ratio (lower than 2.9 kg/HP). Moreover, the steel tubular chassis has been reinforced and hardened to provide greater vehicle stability and safety.  

To handle the immense discharge on the ground, Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires are the go-to choice. These semi-slick track tires are perfect for road use, featuring state-of-the-art technology that optimizes the balance between road and track performance. The tread design is tailored to ensure stability in a straight line, resulting in shorter braking distances and superior lateral grip in curves. Pirelli’s mastery in this field is the result of their participation in the world’s most prestigious motorsport events.

Finally, the Eccentrica prototype is equipped with a sophisticated exhaust system with aluminum alloy tailpipes from CAPRISTO, which enhances the unmistakable sound of the V12 and improves its performance.  

Aggressive in its lines and efficient from an aerodynamic point of view, the Eccentrica prototype’s technical development aims to create a hyper car which is as fierce as a fighter jet and capable of thrilling the best drivers, whether they are gentlemen drivers or professionals.


The first Eccentrica based on the Diablo will be produced in just 19 custom models by choosing from numerous variants including body paint jobs, upholstery, fabrics, and materials. This means that no two vehicles will be identical, making them essentially “four-wheeled” masterpieces whose values will grow in step with their fame among collectors.

Eccentrica has extensive experience in creating unique, custom-made cars. To ensure customers have a smooth customization process, Eccentrica has partnered with BorromeodeSilva design firm. Together, they will bring customers’ desires and dreams to life. Three styles have been developed, with a range of options to choose from, based on the latest trends in car customization.

The entire Eccentrica styling and mechanical overhaul of the Diablo will require an estimated time period of between 16 and 18 months, including a testing phase in various conditions, and the price of its transformation will start at €1,200,000. The vehicle will reflect the customer’s personality and preferences and put them behind the wheel of a unique and one-of-a-kind vehicle. The price does not include purchasing the donor car on the international market.

Milan, July 6, 2023