Pagani Automobili celebrate first 25 years in the Middle East

Today, the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of Pagani Automobili are happening at the prestigious Bulgari Resort in Dubai. The event is attended by numerous clients and renowned figures from both local and international press.

Horacio Pagani

The event marks another step in Pagani’s 25th Anniversary celebration journey, which has seen a succession of international events dedicated to the people who have believed in Horacio Pagani’s project from the beginning: customers, colleagues, collaborators and enthusiasts. The Dubai event, specifically, is dedicated to customers and partners in the Middle East and Africa areas.

Horacio Pagani has not only dreamed and built some of the most beautiful Hypercars in the world, but he has also turned the company into a creative Atelier where a community of people recognize themselves, share actions and thoughts, deal with the great complications of mechanics, handle beauty, always guided by creative inspiration.  

The Utopia’s MEA debut

Leading the way is the Utopia, the car that marks the beginning of the third chapter in the brand’s history, making its debut in the Middle East and Africa region. The new Hypercar features a simple and timeless design that embodies a visionary and counter-trend automotive concept. Drawing inspiration from the purest Leonardo da Vinci principle of Art and Science, the aim is to create an object that seamlessly combines refined aesthetic appeal with cutting-edge technology. With only 99 specimens produced, the first series of Utopia Coupé has already been allocated to a select circle of enthusiasts.

The cars on display: the Zonda F Roadster and the Huayra Roadster


Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2006, the Zonda F Roadster shares all the finishes and equipment with its coupé sibling, making it a real alternative for the potential customer. By adopting new triaxial carbon fiber fabrics, the chassis has been redesigned and the weight of the coupé has been kept the same (1,230 kg). The result is a highly efficient aerodynamic car that set a time of 7 ’29 on the Nürburgring track.

Produced only in the Clubsport version, since this set-up turned out to be far more popular than the original, thanks also to the engine’s increased power output to 650 HP, the Roadster F features a Brembo braking system, with 38 cm diameter carbon-ceramic self-ventilating discs, both front and rear and aluminum and magnesium alloy wheels, designed by Pagani and made by APP-Tech, 19 inches high in front and 20 inches in the rear. Finally, it should be mentioned that Roadster F was a commercial success, to the extent that the chassis available for production soon sold out.

Next to the Zonda F Roadster is the Huayra Roadster. Described by Horacio Pagani as the «most complicated project», it is a car almost entirely on view, with every component, every mechanical part proudly displayed. Unveiled at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, it is the first-ever Roadster to be lighter than the Coupé version. Such a goal was achieved thanks to the complete overhaul of all components and the development of new advanced composite formulas, including Carbo-Triax HP52 combined with Carbo-Titanium which allowed the team to reduce the car’s weight by 80 kg compared to the previous coupé and achieve a 52% increase in rigidity. It took six years of hard work to fully develop it, paying attention to every detail. The final result is an open-top car produced in 100 units according to the most authentic Pagani philosophy.