MINI Cooper Electric for the first time in ME at Sole DXB

MINI showcases new MINI Cooper Electric for first time in Middle East at Sole DXB

MINI, the official automotive sponsor of Sole DXB, was front and centre at the Middle East’s premier lifestyle and street-culture festival, which took place from December 8 to 10. The event marked a significant milestone for the brand, which displayed the new MINI Cooper Electric to the public for the first time in the region.

MINI Cooper Electric

The pulse of urban culture met the spirit of electrification as the MINI Cooper Electric made its debut against the backdrop of music, art, and street style. MINI’s space unveiled two new models, and with this generation of the brand having the most electric models available, it is paving the way towards its goal of becoming fully electric by 2030.

The MINI space at the festival offered more than just car reveals – it was a hub for live performances, mirroring the brand’s spirit of innovation and creativity. Additionally, Oliver Heilmer, Head of Design at MINI joined the event to provide festival go-ers with an inside look behind the design and technoogy of the new MINI Cooper Electric.

MINI’s participation in Sole DXB 2023 underlined the synergy between the two brands, both champions of culture, community and innovation. In addition to electrifying performances, Sole DXB provided a platform for brands to connect with the youth, mirroring MINI’s commitment to fostering connections and shaping urban culture.

As MINI takes the road to a sustainable future with its electrifying models, it is also dedicated to nurturing the spirit of creativity and community that shines at events like Sole DXB.

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