Nissan unveils the new Ariya NISMO at Tokyo Auto Salon 2024

Nissan unveils the new Ariya NISMO at Tokyo Auto Salon 2024Autodesk VRED Professional 2022.1

YOKOHAMA, Japan (18 January 2024) – Nissan unveiled the Ariya NISMO at Tokyo Auto Salon 2024, with launch planned in Japan for this spring.

Ariya NISMO at Tokyo Auto Salon

The stylish and futuristic crossover SUV is NISMO’s flagship EV model. It offers powerful acceleration, a spacious upgraded cabin and the quiet operation unique to electric vehicles.

Based on the Ariya e-4ORCE and featuring a dynamic new-generation EV NISMO design, the Ariya NISMO delivers greater confidence and peace of mind thanks to its extremely powerful yet smooth acceleration, exemplary handling and stellar aerodynamic performance — all brought about by NISMO’s exclusive tuning.

Performance that’s extremely dynamic yet smooth and easy to control is produced by the motor’s approximately 10 percent greater peak output combined with special acceleration tuning and an exclusive NISMO driving mode that maximizes response. The sound  produced is evocative of Formula E racing, further adding to the excitement.

NISMO’s special tuning for each chassis component combined with e-4ORCE electric-drive four- wheel-control technology and dedicated tires mounted on highly rigid 20-inch aluminum wheels generates superior stability and turn-in ability as well as better line-tracing and enhanced cornering ability at high speeds.

The exterior blends the Ariya’s premium quality with NISMO’s dynamism. Aerodynamic performance is improved thanks to race-derived technologies that reduce drag and provide greater downforce at higher speeds — factors particularly important for EVs.

Meanwhile, the cabin exudes a premium air with high quality features throughout, including specially designed NISMO seats and trim.