Grand unveiling of Al Habtoor Motors state-of-the-art JAC showroom on SZR

Grand Unveiling of Al Habtoor Motors’ State-of-the- Art JAC Showroom on Sheikh Zayed Road
Marking a moment of pride, Al Habtoor Motors LLC, the exclusive distributor of JAC vehicles in the UAE, introduced its state-of-the-art  JAC showroom along the renowned Sheikh Zayed Road. The showroom’s concept, design, and decoration were meticulously curated to pay homage to the history of JAC and its remarkable journey. The grand opening event was a momentous occasion, with Mr. Khalaf Al Habtoor, Chairman of Al Habtoor Group, and Mr. Sultan Al Habtoor, President of Al Habtoor Motors, gracing the event. With a sense of unity and shared purpose, Mr. Khalaf and Mr. Sultan together, officially inaugurated the showroom, marking the beginning of a new era for automotive excellence and innovation.

Spanning an impressive 1800.10 square meters, the showroom was not just a space but a living embodiment of JAC’s history. The brilliant amalgamation of muted Grey, White, and Black tones in line with JAC Motors Corporation’s Dealer Visual Identity served as the canvas for the historical narrative. Each detail was thoughtfully incorporated to reflect the legacy of JAC, creating an atmosphere that resonated with visitors who appreciated the intertwining of history and modernity.

The showroom, ingeniously distributed across two meticulously designed floors, aimed at offering visitors a comprehensive experience that merged past, present, and future. The ground floor, a harmonious blend of museum-like ambiance and modern automotive aesthetics, housed 8 exquisite car displays, including the Hero Car, alongside a welcoming lounge area. The first floor, symbolizing progression, accommodated administrative and back-office spaces, embracing advanced technology to streamline operations. A team of 7 seasoned sales staff stood ready to provide personalized guidance, reflecting the brand’s commitment to attentive service.

“JAC Motors’ journey has been a testament to growth, innovation, and determination. We’re honored to bring our legacy to the UAE with partners who share our vision”, stated Mr. Karim Maksoud, Managing Director of JAC Motors. “Our vehicles are not only a representation of cutting-edge technology but also proudly made in China. This showroom is a reflection of our passion and dedication to redefine the automotive experience”, he added.

Strategically situated with convenient access to the Al Quoz industrial area, Oasis Mall, and the Metro Station, the location further added to the overall allure of the showroom. A dedicated team of assistants catered to the delivery area, ensuring that the experience of receiving a new JAC vehicle was seamless and joyous. Customers also enjoyed the benefit of free delivery to the largest Service Center in Dubai Investment Park (DIP), reinforcing the brand’s commitment to exceptional service.

As the grand opening event reached its crescendo, the spotlight was on the unveiling of the eagerly anticipated JAC E30X. This innovative electric car was not only a testament to JAC’s dedication to sustainability but also a link between history and the promise of a more environmentally conscious future.

Intriguing, innovative, and inspirational, the new JAC showroom on Sheikh Zayed Road promised not just driving experiences, but a journey through time. This celebration of history and progress redefined automotive retail, presenting a world where luxury, technology, and a rich legacy converged seamlessly.