Emirati Women’s Day: Nissan honors women across the country in special video

Celebrating Emirati Women’s Day, Nissan Middle East has launched a new video highlighting the ambitions of Emirati women and their aspirations for a brighter future. Playing on the brand’s theme for Expo 2020 of “Let’s Move”, Nissan has released a video that pays tribute to the empowerment of Emirati women across the nation and their role in challenging the status quo.

Emirati Women’s Day

Keeping in line with the theme of Emirati Women’s Day 2021, ‘Women: Ambitions & Inspiration for the Next 50 Years’, the video features an influential Emirati woman, Hind Alowais – VP of International Participants Department at Expo 2020 Dubai and emphasizes the rise in female empowerment across the nation. Hind Alowais, VP of International Participants Department, Expo 2020 Dubai said: “I have had the honor and pride to occupy positions that have allowed me to serve my country for more than fifteen years. In the past fifty years, we have witnessed a great leap for the role of women and the significant potentials they have to offer, and I believe that they will continue on this path as we will witness more achievements of Emirati women in the coming years. What moves and drives Emirati women forward is the faith that we have in our country, and the trust that has been placed in us by our leadership.” Thierry Sabbagh, Managing Director, Nissan Middle East said: “Our commitment to the Middle East and its people dates back to the early 1950s and is a bond that has grown stronger with each passing year. As we celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of Emirati women on this special day and in the UAE’s Golden Jubilee year, Nissan Middle East would like to honor and recognize women across the nation for challenging norms and breaking boundaries. Their valuable contributions in legislative, executive, and managerial roles have bolstered the UAE’s position on the world map and will continue to do so for years to come.”
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