Dubi Cars’ ExportSafe aims to change the export market

Dubi Cars
Dubi Cars International, the UAE’s fastest growing online car marketplace, is transforming the used car export market. In line with Dubai’s Smart Vision 2021, Dubi Cars is offering UAE car dealerships and private sellers innovative and trustworthy digital technologies to meet high export demands and accelerate business growth in the African and international markets. The UAE used car export market is valued at approximately $100 million+ in gross merchandise value (GMV) per month. As Dubi Cars generates over 50,000 export leads per month with over 10,000 coming from the African markets, the online car market place is paving the way to generate increased business opportunities for UAE businesses through its innovative digital offerings. ‘Export Safe’ allows exporters to export cars safely and conveniently across Africa and 50 markets internationally. The innovative digital tool eliminates all hurdles between buyers and sellers by minimizing red tape and generates efficient processes, saving time and money; while building trust between both groups. Additionally, the earned trust from thousands of existing Dubi Cars users has enabled the ‘Export Safe’ service to generate over $500,000 in GMV and shipped cars to over 20 countries, in just the first four weeks of its trial phase. Craig Stevens, CEO of Dubi Cars says, “Over the past 12 months we have experienced a 100 per cent increase in demand from Africa. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, demand from customers remained high; however, customers required different solutions to complete transactions due to the subsequent international travel restrictions and Dubi Cars’ ‘Export Safe’ offering effectively met this requirement. Since coming out of the lockdown, the UAE community has resiliently and safely been focusing on the way forward and customers are actively seeking opportunities to contribute towards the UAE economy – and Dubi Cars has experienced an increase in customer inquiries, generating 100,000 leads in August 2020 alone.” In an effort to further amplify the car export market opportunities for UAE businesses, Dubi Cars has partnered with Emerging Classified Venture (ECV), a major automotive and real estate marketplace operator in four regions and 90 countries, including Africa, to provide UAE exporters with a secure and trustworthy platform to export their cars. UAE dealerships will benefit from Dubi Cars’ continued support as local car dealerships and private sellers can easily access ECV’s online network of car marketplaces across 45 countries in Africa, as well as use Dubi Cars’ innovative ‘Export Safe’ tool. “At Dubi Cars, we aspire to support UAE businesses by accelerating their growth in the export markets. Our aim is to transform local car dealers into international online retailers, which is why we have partnered with ECV, to make exporting a car from the UAE to Africa easier and more cost effective than ever before,” explains Stevens. Since its launch in 2014, Dubi Cars has experienced a year on year increase in demand from customers across international markets and the GCC. Car dealerships and car sellers across the UAE looking to export highly demanded GCC-spec cars to Africa can benefit from a personal 24/7 dedicated export advisor through the ‘Export Safe’ service, where they are guaranteed secured exports and personalised assistance. “Facilitating exports safely and with absolute trust is critical, which is why we created Export Safe. At Dubi Cars, we believe in complete trust and transparency between our customers and reliable brokers, guaranteeing customers receive cars in good condition and affordable price points. We are aware of the complexities involved in exports and imports, and offer expert personal assistance to help customers every step of the way,” says Stevens. Car dealerships and sellers will receive a complete evaluation of cars, including a full diagnostic, mechanical and visual check. The car history is then researched, including mileage, service history and for complete peace of mind a professional test drive is undertaken. Dealers and customers can also evaluate the best possible export options and price points through Dubi Cars’ online ‘Export Calculator’. Car Dealers and individual sellers in the UAE who are considering exporting their cars across international markets can visit Dubicars.com