Bridgestone EMIA: Positive outlook of EV markets in ME

Bridgestone EMIA highlights positive outlook of EV market in Middle East

13 June 2023:  Bridgestone EMIA, one of the global leaders in tyres and sustainable mobility solutions highlighted the significance of electric vehicles (EVs) as a potential sustainable solution for the automotive sector and indicated the market’s promising future in the Middle East during its participation at the Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit (EVIS).

During the Summit, which was held recently in Abu Dhabi, the Bridgestone EMIA  emphasised the rising demand for premium tyres and technologies to meet the specific requirements of the EV segment.

Bridgestone EMIA and Electric Vehicles 

Gaurav Malhotra, Head of Consumer – PBU Middle East and Africa at Bridgestone EMIA said: “At Bridgestone, we are dedicated to accelerating the switch to electric vehicles as they are eco-friendly and generate lesser emissions during the use phase compared to any other commercial vehicles. We have adopted a circular business model at our company to navigate the automotive industry towards a sustainable future, embracing green practices and decarbonising techniques across the value chain. EVs represent a vital innovation in reducing the transport sector’s footprint, placing us on the right track towards sustainable mobility. To contribute to these efforts, we are producing sustainable and premium tyres with innovative designs that effectively meets all relevant needs pertaining to this type of vehicle.”

In line with its commitment to delivering sustainable and efficient mobility solutions, Bridgestone has joined forces with several leading EV manufacturers around the world to develop a range of innovative tyres that cater to the special and evolving demands of electric vehicles. Utilising various industry-leading and eco-friendly tyre technologies, the company has demonstrated excellence in the delivery of state-of-the-art mobility solutions that aid a safe and energy-efficient travel, placing themselves as a leader in providing sustainable mobility and advanced solutions.

Malhotra further provided several valuable insights into the sustainable mobility revolution at the EVIS as one of the panellists for the discussion titled ‘Future of EVs in the Middle East and Across the Globe.’ Other panellists included Somayyah Adbdulla Alyammahi, Head of Productivity Projects and Demand Management section at the UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure; Dan Balmer, Regional Director at APAC and Middle East – Group Lotus; Prof. Robert Hamilton, Global Commercial Director at IVESCO; and Ali Eslami, Founder and CEO of AXL Electric Vehicles. Anil Antony, Global Head of Automotive at NielsenIQ, was the moderator for this panel discussion.

He added: “More proactive efforts and significant investments in innovative technologies are essential to achieving the long-term environmental targets and goals as well as shaping a sustainable future for the transport sector. At Bridgestone, we aim to lead the way with advanced products to accelerate EV adoption and development.”

With the demand for electrified fleets on the rise, there occur other significant challenges, including the lack of proper EV infrastructure. Bridgestone has been continuously working to derive solutions to these challenges, and its collaboration with Webfleet Solutions is a huge step forward in this direction. Through this alliance, the company aims to assist fleet managers and boost corporate productivity with its data-driven fleet management solution. Furthermore, the company also acquired Arvento Mobile Systems, a digital solutions provider, in order to streamline fleet operations and broaden its product selection beyond tyres.

Bridgestone offers a broad range of innovative EV tyres and tyre technologies, designed to deliver higher battery life and address range anxiety​ with low rolling resistance, minimized tire noise & excellent handling & control to manage the increased weight and torque with a step change towards sustainability. The company partnered with electric vehicle start-up Fisker to introduce an all-electric SUV across various European markets, capitalising on the enormous prospects in the EV sector.