Important apps for drivers in Dubai & UAE

Get these apps to take your commute into the fast lane

The UAE has some impressive road infrastructure that is constantly developing and it makes driving across this vast, beautiful country an unforgettable experience. To complement the driving experience, there are a handful of mobile apps that every driver needs to have on their phone. Here are some Popular Motoring Apps in Dubai These apps are all part of making driving and handling driving related matters a lot more convenient.

Our top 5 essential and popular motoring apps in Dubai

  1. The official RTA Dubai app
  2. Google Maps
  3. Dubai Police
  4. Cafu
  5. Careem

The official RTA Dubai app

This app is easily the most essential app (alongside Google Maps!). With the app, you’re able to pay for parking (and find parking), top up Salik, pay traffic fines, renew your drivers license, book a taxi and top up your Nol card. It’s incredibly useful and we highly recommend you download this app if you haven’t already done so. iOS: RTA Dubai App Google Play: RTA Dubai App

Google Maps

Where would we be without it? Google Maps is everyone’s go-to when looking for directions. With roads in Dubai constantly changing with our growing population and traffic, Google Maps has evolved too. You’ll be given alternate routes, be made aware of change in traffic conditions and also estimated travel times whether you’re driving, taking public transport or even walking. This app is useful anywhere in the world! iOS: Google Maps Google Play:  Google Maps

Dubai Police

Whilst we wish our dear readers and all drivers in UAE safe and pleasant journeys, accidents unfortunately do happen so it pays to be prepared. With the Dubai Police app, you can quickly and easily report traffic accidents and it also helps the Police assign resources where it’s needed most, because not all accidents require a police presence. Plus, this app is useful for a range of other Dubai Police services. iOS: Dubai Police app Google Play: Dubai Police app


Sounds like ‘car fuel’ – which is exactly what it is. It’s a mobile car refueling service that comes to you almost anywhere in Dubai! Talk about convenience. No more worrying about hunting for a service station or waiting in long queues. Just use the app to schedule a time for refueling and that’s it. Now you’ve got no excuse to be driving around on reserve! iOS: Cafu Google Play: Cafu


For those moments when you don’t want the hassle of finding a parking spot (JBR on a Thursday night anyone?!) or fighting through traffic to get around town, you need Careem – the locally built ride hailing app. With its integration with RTA Dubai, you can even book a Dubai Taxi through it. There’s plenty of options depending on your situation and budget and there’s even one for those travelling with kids! As an added bonus, you can also use Careem to pick up and drop off things, sort of like a personal courier service. Now that’s handy. iOS: Careem Google Play: Careem