Car Maintenance Tips during COVID-19 pandemic

Simple steps to keep your engine, battery and tyres in top shape

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41.5KViews brings you some quick car maintenance tips in these testing times. COVID-19 has kept most of us working from our homes during the lockdown. These are unforeseen circumstances and its best to stay indoors. However, our cars are sitting idle at several locations such as in a building car park and open areas. Cars perform better when used and maintained regularly.  Clearly, we have not been using them well, hence we could perform some basic maintenance.

To ensure that your car is kept in working condition, please keep these car maintenance tips in mind:

  • Keep the car running for a few minutes before you start driving.
  • Drive the car for about 15 minutes or 6 to 10 km at least once every 7 to 10 days. This can be done while you’re out getting your essentials.
  • Keep the engine running making sure the fluids – engine oil, transmission fluid (gear oil), coolant, power-steering fluid is circulating.
  • When starting the car check for any symbols on the gauge cluster such as battery, engine oil, tyre pressure etc.
  • Idle cars tend to lose tyre pressure. When passing by a gas station please check the pressure and ensure they are between 32 to 35 psi. Failure to maintain them could lead to an accident.

If you plan not to use your vehicle at all, then:

Car Maintenance Tips

  • Disconnect the battery by removing the negative terminal, and positive terminal. Tools required would be an adjustable spanner
  • Place the car in neutral gear (manual and automatic)
  • Disengage the handbrake/parking brake.
  • Every few days push the car slightly either forward or backward, depending on the space making sure the tyres do not get flat with the weight.

Other general car maintenance tips


Car Maintenance Tips

  • To protect your vehicle from dust make sure to wash your car once a week. The dust can accumulate and damage the paint in the long run.
  • Make sure to cover the car from any bird droppings, which are quite acidic and can seriously damage your car’s paintwork.


Car Maintenance Tips

  • Check Your Fluids by opening the hood making sure the fluids are topped up for the well-being of your engine.
  • Most of these fluids such as coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid can be purchased from hypermarket.
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