The Mégane Renault Sport: Real character, superb performance

Alluring, sophisticated and elegant are the type of descriptors we’re seeing applied to the new Renault Mégane RS. As one of the paciest front-drive hot hatches around, its nimble speed is creating quite an impression out there, with sporty characteristics that are impossible to ignore.

Exhibiting the finest in Renault Sport technologies, the Megane comes with 4Control four-wheel steering, offering drivers exceptional agility and a dynamic, more reactive response. Everything about it, including bend exiting stability and improved traction management, means a streamlined driving experience like no other in its segment.

The 300HP threshold is achieved by its 1.8L turbo injection engine with the latest Formula 1 turbo technology. This is being praised as one of the finer engines powering any modern hot hatch. Drive is sent exclusively to the front wheels, or the back, if you see fit.

With a thoroughly sporty dashboard, a black headliner with red highlights, and top-stitching, the Mégane RS exudes real character from the inside as well. Picture yourself behind the wheel: the Alcantra seats provide perfected support — giving you the option of setting your preferred driving position — integrated headrests and aluminium pedal unit ensure that you have the utmost in comfort and control.

This iteration of the Renault Sport accentuates an upgraded profile. On the sides, sculpted and sensual volumes ensure a visual connection between the front and the rear. Over at the back, an aerodynamic rear, with a new widened bumper, includes many F1-inspired features. All the way over, the distinct impression is that elite performance is very purposeful.

Renault of Arabian Automobiles has the option for buyers to choose between the RS and the RS TROPHY, the latter of which features a host of extra ramped-up features, like rims, tires, central exhaust, brakes and mechanics.

This vehicle, in both varieties, is one that provides drivers with the opportunity to enjoy every one of their drives, whether commuting with style or in search of new adventures that demand sportified sophistication.
Juan Manuel
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