Aston Martin GT4 on Pirelli Slicks: Racer’s Dream Come True

Most of us petrol heads love spending time on the race track. The roaring sound of powerful engines, the heart racing acceleration, the G-force and the sharpest of turns are some of the things we day-dream about. In the UAE, we are blessed with two world class motorsports circuits (Dubai Autodrome & the Yas Marina). While we regularly burn rubber at the Dubai Autodrome, this time we made a trip down south to Abu Dhabi to get behind the wheels of the Aston Martin GT4 and that too on Pirelli Slicks. (A competition-only tyre with a smooth tread for use on dry track surfaces).

Aston Martin GT4

The Aston Martin GT4 cars in the Yas Marina fleet are purpose built Vantage GT4 supercars developed to compete around the world in GT4 and 24 Hr series races. The car itself is a visual masterpiece. With a mixture of a stripped out basic interior, F1 style steering wheel, carbon fiber panels, thin polycarbonate windows and a lightweight aluminum chassis it definitely looks the part. Aston Martin GT4 The Aston Martin GT4 is mated to a 4.0 liter V8 engine that generates over 500 horsepower. Not only does it deliver exhilarating performance, it also sounds incredibly mean. The nose is super low and with a seating position almost placed on the rear axel line, you can never see the end of the hood. The idea is to focus on the track ahead and enjoy the incredible drive on the challenging Yas Marina Circuit.

Aston Martin GT4 Specs

Engine: 4.0 Liter – Turbocharged  V8 Horsepower: 500 Transmission: 6 Speed F1 style paddle shift (semi-automatic gearbox) Tyres: Pirelli Slicks Brakes: Ceramic Racing Brakes Safety: Roll Cage and 5 point harness

Why Pirelli Slicks?

Thanks to Pirelli Slicks, the Aston Martin GT is light on its wheels and crosses a straight as swift as a cougar. After the 1st lap, we got the blessing from race control to go full speed ahead and the final words I heard were “Don’t be afraid to throw it around the corners” and my word, does it navigate sharply around the corners or what! There is something I’d like you to know about Pirelli Slicks. The external profile and internal structure of this tyre is designed to maximize the dimensions of the contact area. This means, you get unbelievable grip and traction. This experience is as close as possible to the real deal. Advanced racing technology makes for an incredible drive on the challenging North Corkscrew track at Yas Marina Circuit. You’d need 80 Kg of force applied to the ceramic brakes to bring the car to a complete stop. So you can imagine the intensity of the drive. The experience lasts around 20 minutes but the memory stays for a lifetime. Interested in trying out yourself? More here details on the Yas Marina website.  
Juan Manuel
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