You can now renew your vehicle registration in Dubai without paying all the traffic fines


Great news for Dubai residents as Government has announced that motorists can renew their vehicle registrations without having to pay the traffic fines.

Previously, motorists in Dubai could not renew their vehicle registrations until all fines were paid off. This caused a lot of problems for people who had large amount of fines and were not able to pay them, and end up with more fines due to late registration renewals.

Dubai Police Fine Discount 2021

To give some relief to the drivers, Dubai Media Office has announced that the fines don’t need be cleared to renew vehicle registration anymore.

The initiative is a part of Dubai Police’s campaign which was launched earlier this year in February offering discounts to motorists with a clean driving record.

Motorists who haven’t got a traffic fine in the past 3 months get 25% discount on accumulated fines. If there are no fines for the past 6 months the discount goes up to 50%. For people who haven’t received a single traffic fine in the past nine months or a year, will get 75% to 100% off on their accumulated fines.