Women in the UAE rely on instincts when selecting performance cars, defying stereotypes

Women in the UAE Trust Their Instincts When Selecting Performance Cars, Defying Stereotypes

The survey on women conducted by Audi Abu Dhabi reveals that 73% of UAE residents recognize the growing autonomy of female drivers when it comes to purchasing performance cars, reflecting a significant shift in traditional norms

  • Ahead of launching Audi’s RS3 and RS3 Sportback models, Audi Abu Dhabi aims to amplify the celebration of empowerment among female performance drivers

UAE, 7 March 2024 – A new survey conducted by Audi Abu Dhabi has revealed that seven in ten UAE residents believe that women are independent and confident in making their own decisions when buying and driving a performance car. The research, which explores general perceptions around women and performance cars, comes as Audi Abu Dhabi is geared to launch the new Audi RS3 Sedan and RS3 Sportback models.

Survey Results for U.A.E. Women Buying Performance Cars

While the survey results also showed lingering perceptions that women are less interested in performance cars (38%), have less knowledge of performance cars (39%), and are less skilled when it comes to driving them (37%), the findings interestingly showcased that the influence of external opinions holds little sway.

Scott Shears, General Manager of Audi Abu Dhabi, commented on the findings saying: “At Audi, we firmly believe that at the wheel, skill knows no gender. The brand’s commitment to empowering all drivers, irrespective of gender, fuels our progress, innovation, and design. We are happy to see an increasing number of female drivers in our performance models. The results of this survey are a reflection of the commitment of the UAE government to gender balance and the fundamental belief from the leadership that women and men are equal partners in society.”

As Audi Abu Dhabi welcomes the arrival of the new RS3 Sedan and RS3 Sportback in showrooms across Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, the dealership continues to champion innovation and performance in the automotive industry. The RS3 models represent Audi’s commitment to delivering unparalleled driving dynamics, pure emotion, and high suitability for everyday use, redefining the standards of the compact segment.

The all-new RS3 Sedan and RS3 Sportback offer impressive performance, with acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds and a top speed of up to 290 km/h. Equipped with a 294 kW (400 PS) five-cylinder engine delivering 500 Nm of torque, RS Torque Splitter, semi slicks, and specific RS driving modes – the high-performance engine delivers rapid acceleration with a highly intoxicating sound. Visually, the RS3 demonstrates its sporty DNA with a wider body, RS sports exhaust system, and cockpit displays like those found in race cars.

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