Private Education Office and Ajman Transport Authority partner to improve student transportation

Private Education Office and Ajman Transport Authority Partner to Improve Student Transportation
Ajman, United Arab Emirates – June 12, 2023 – In a significant stride towards aligning the education and transportation sectors in the Emirate of Ajman, the Private Education Coordination Office and the Ajman Transport Authority have officially signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to foster cooperation and cultivate a collaborative partnership. This landmark agreement falls within the Emirate’s overarching vision to augment the quality of education, elevate student transportation services, and realize future objectives.

The primary objective of this memorandum is to establish equilibrium and bolster confidence between the two parties, with the aim of enhancing the seamless transfer of students between educational institutions and facilities within the Emirate of Ajman. To achieve this, a joint committee will be formed in accordance with the terms of the MoU, which will facilitate the exchange of vital information and data, in addition to organizing workshops and introductory training programs for personnel involved in student transfers.

Private Education Coordination Office, Ajman

Commenting on the significance of this cooperation, His Excellency Mahmood Khaleel Alhashmi, Director General of the Private Education Coordination Office in Ajman, affirmed, “This memorandum underscores the close collaboration between government sectors in the Emirate of Ajman and reflects our shared commitment to elevating the quality of education and enhancing school transportation services. We remain dedicated to providing a secure and optimal educational environment for students, and this partnership will play a pivotal role in attaining our objectives and enriching the educational landscape in the Emirate of Ajman.”

Similarly, His Excellency Omar Mohammed Lootah, Director General of the Ajman Transport Authority, expressed the organization’s strong commitment to fostering collaboration and harmonization among governmental entities and institutions. The ultimate objective is to effectively implement the visionary directives of our esteemed leadership by delivering unparalleled services to the community. He highlighted that the agreement seeks to facilitate coordination and cooperation in order to ensure the utmost safety and security during the transportation of private school students in the Emirate of Ajman.  

Moreover, the Director General emphasized the Transport Authority’s unwavering dedication to conducting traffic awareness initiatives specifically designed for school bus drivers and supervisors responsible for students’ well-being. These endeavors are reinforced by the implementation of robust monitoring systems throughout the transportation process, guaranteeing the highest standards of safety for school bus commutes.

Private Education Office and Ajman Transport Authority Partner to Improve Student Transportation

The MoU also encompasses the exchange of expertise and advanced technologies across various domains, as well as the provision of mutual advisory services and collaborative assistance. By means of this partnership, both entities seek to foster fruitful consultations and effective cooperation to enhance the services provided and achieve the shared objectives of the Private Education Coordination Office and the Transport Authority in the Emirate of Ajman.  

This memorandum is expected to serve as an institutional framework that unifies efforts and facilitates effective cooperation between the two entities, resulting in tangible improvements to the student transfer experience and the overall educational quality within the Emirate of Ajman. This significant milestone represents a crucial development in the pursuit of progress and advancement in Ajman, reaffirming the emirate’s commitment to delivering exemplary services to society and ensuring sustainability across all sectors.