Porsche Drive Flex offers a fast track, no hassle path to Porsche vehicles

Porsche Drive Flex offers a fast track, no hassle path to Porsche vehicles

  • Zero down payment and all-inclusive offer begins with the Porsche Macan starting from AED 5,999
  • Porsche Drive Flex offers a fast track, no hassle path to Porsche vehicles with the option to bring back or change your car any time after 12 months

Abu Dhabi. Achieving the dream of having a Porsche in your garage has never been easier with Porsche Drive Flex. The new program offers a hassle-free way to leasing a Porsche with the option to terminate or upgrade at any time after the first 12 months.

Porsche Drive Flex

Porsche Drive Flex requires no down payment and includes running costs such as registration, service, maintenance, insurance and warranty with the option to extend or move into a new Porsche model or bring back your vehicle at any point after 12 months.  

“Porsche ownership is the ultimate automotive aspiration for many and this is a perfect way to begin that journey with a completely fuss-free process that takes the guesswork out of budgeting,” said Dr Manfred Bräunl, Chief Executive Officer, Porsche Middle East and Africa FZE.  

“It provides a solution for residents staying in the UAE for a limited time as well as for long-time Porsche customers who perhaps have ordered a special build model but still want to drive a Porsche in the interim.”  

Getting behind the wheel of the Porsche Macan for example is now available with an all-in monthly commitment starting AED 5,999 that covers registration, insurance, warranty, maintenance, service, and no down payment. Offering more flexibility with less commitment, this opens the door to upgrading to a newer model after just 12 months, continuing with the existing model or terminating the agreement with no strings attached.  

“Porsche Drive Flex future-proofs your motoring expenses to a large extent with an all-inclusive offer by a single monthly payment along with a guaranteed result at the end of the term whether that be rolling the option over, changing to a different model Porsche or ending the agreement,” said Bräunl.  

The first step towards experiencing the Porsche Drive Flex program begins with a visit to Porsche Centre Abu Dhabi, Ali & Sons Showrooms in Abu Dhabi or Al Ain or by visiting them online at www.ali-sons.com/en-automotive/porsche.