‘Pit Stop Service’ by Audi, Al Nabooda Automobiles

'Pit Stop Service' by Audi, Al Nabooda Automobiles
  • Audi, Al Nabooda Automobiles introduces innovative ‘Pit Stop Service’ at Dubai service center
  • In line with Audi, Al Nabooda’s unwavering dedication to customer excellence, the breakthrough service provides efficient vehicle maintenance and time-saving benefits for Audi customers in Dubai

Dubai, 19 June 2023 – Audi, Al Nabooda Automobiles, the official dealer of Audi in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, announces the launch of its groundbreaking ‘Pit Stop Service’ at its service center in Dubai. While the customer waits, the innovative service aims to enhance convenience by offering expedited and efficient servicing options, streamlining maintenance in just 90 and 120 minutes for the first to fifth services.

The ‘Pit Stop Service’ comprises two service options: a 90-minute service for minor maintenance requirements (1st, 3rd, and 5th services) and a 120-minute service for more extensive procedures (2nd and 4th services). Both options include a comprehensive car wash to leave the vehicles looking refreshed. While waiting for the service, customers can enjoy complimentary refreshments, access to Wi-Fi and browse through the Audi boutique, adding to their overall experience.  

Audi, Al Nabooda stands out through its innovative ‘Pit Stop Service‘, designed to cater to customers’ needs by offering a remarkably convenient solution for car maintenance. The service ensures that customers can have their cars serviced swiftly and efficiently, eliminating the inconvenience of arranging alternate transportation or leaving their vehicle overnight.  

During the 90-minute service, two of Audi‘s trained technicians will perform essential tasks such as engine oil change, filter replacement, complete vehicle check over, accompanied with a VHC (Vehicle Health Check) report and thorough vehicle washing. The 120-minute service goes a step further by including gear oil change, differential oil change, as well as oil and filter replacement, complete vehicle check over with VHC report, alongside the vehicle wash.  

To ensure a seamless experience for valued customers, Audi, Al Nabooda Automobiles has dedicated a special team exclusively trained to handle the ‘Pit Stop Service.’ This team of experts possesses the expertise and efficiency required to swiftly perform the scheduled maintenance, while maintaining Audi’s uncompromising standards of quality.  

K. Rajaram, CEO of Al Nabooda Automobiles, said: “At Audi, Al Nabooda Automobiles, we are committed to continuously improving customer efficiency and delivering innovative solutions. Our ‘Pit Stop Service’ is a testament to our dedication to providing exceptional customer experiences, offering an expedited servicing option that saves valuable time for our discerning Audi owners.”  

Customers can now book appointments for the ‘Pit Stop Service’, available from 7:30 am until 3:30 pm, Sunday to Thursday, and benefit from the time-saving advantages it brings. With the ability to accommodate up to 14 vehicles per day, Audi, Al Nabooda Automobiles guarantees prompt and reliable service to all customers.  

For more information about the ‘Pit Stop Service’ or to book an appointment, contact Al Nabooda Automobiles’ WhatsApp Business on 800 AUDI (2834) or visit www.audi-dubai.com