OnStar hosts region’s first gaming tournament powered entirely by in-vehicle Wi-Fi

OnStar hosts region’s first gaming tournament powered entirely by in-vehicle Wi-Fi, featuring the Arab world’s top players
Dubai UAE – OnStar, General Motor’s pioneering connectivity and safety technology, hosted the region’s first gaming tournament, driven entirely by in-vehicle Wi-Fi in the UAE. Bringing together 10 of the Arab world’s top gamers, the travelling gaming tournament took place out of the backseat of Chevrolet and GMC connected vehicles. Spanning a total of 12 hours and covering 450 km of the UAE’s roads, all the way from the Liwa desert to Ras Al Khaimah via Dubai, the tournament saw a grueling series of head-to-head contests take place, across a lineup of some of the most popular games globally. Gameplay can be followed through a captivating video series of episodes, launched on the dedicated tournament webpage.


The unique gaming tournament driven by OnStar’s connectivity enabled by etisalat by e& was designed to highlight the seamless connectivity of automotive technology through the lens of popular gaming culture. Commenting on the move, Shereen Harris, Head of Marketing & Subscriptions at OnStar Middle East, “Infotainment is one of the fastest growing aspects of the automotive industry, enabled by seamless connectivity and rich data flows. Whilst modern vehicles can already connect navigation and infotainment systems, a fully connected car can provide both convenience and elevated user experiences for its passengers, turning vehicles into agents of personal time, and really bringing to life the sense of living with a smartphone on wheels. Through Highway Hero, we are delighted to exemplify this and bring gaming enthusiasts together in a way never imagined before by the connectivity, convenience and safety of connected vehicles”.  

Esam Mahmoud, Senior Vice President – Small & Medium Business at etisalat by e& said: “We’re delighted to have partnered with OnStar for the Highway Hero gaming tournament, providing a platform to demonstrate our expertise in seamless automotive connectivity. Leveraging our proficiency in mobility IoT and connected car solutions, we’re transforming the automotive sector with advanced communication capabilities. This collaboration aligns with our commitment to shaping the future of technology and mobility while also driving the UAE’s connected ecosystem, which includes autonomous transportation. It supports our strategy to advance digital transformation, confirming our role in the UAE’s technology and mobility landscape.”  

The gaming industry in the UAE has experienced a significant surge in recent years, establishing the nation as a thriving hub for gamers and game developers.  Likewise, the appetite for in-vehicle Wi-Fi in the UAE has grown[1], reflecting its global growth as a key feature vehicle owners seek to access[2]. In fact, the automotive connectivity market is currently valued at USD 33.42 Billion, projected to reach USD 190.29 Billion by 2033[3]. By seamlessly blending the thrill of the gaming world with reliable and fast in-vehicle Wi-Fi, OnStar was able to show the power of advanced vehicle connectivity and communication technology through uninterrupted online gameplay.  

OnStar’s ‘Highway Hero’ saw a legendary selection of gamers from diverse backgrounds go head-to-head from across the region, amplifying the spirit of competition and camaraderie. Among the gamers participating in this extraordinary event were:  

  • AbdulHakim, a renowned holder of five Guinness World Records, as a professional PlayStation gamer
  • Saeed, who showcases an unmatched passion and expertise in the field of PlayStation games
  • Sirsan, holder of the prestigious title of Best Gaming Content Creator in 2021
  • Q8 Spanish, whose trailblazing journey into the realm of streaming, saw him lead the charge towards streaming PUBGM games in the region
  • k, whose status as a renowned Egyptian FIFA gamer, landed him a spot within the Abtal Esports team, where he is seen as a key player
  • BibiZumot: a renowned Esports content creator, recognized amongst the region’s top gamers due to his skills and humor
  • Abdullah Alkandari, who has been streaming his games since 2013, in addition to being the first to feature D.va’s voice live on Twitch.tv in Kuwait
  • Lady Lilithtv, a pioneer amongst female gamers, as one of the first Lebanese female gamers in the UAE and an early adopter among Arab females on Twitch
  • Mohd Aamer, an Emirati gamer whose infectious humor and engaging streams set him apart from his peers
  • Waad who is a partner of the Twitch platform, in addition to his standing as a prominent Emirati gamer and Twitch partner

In tandem with the gamers, OnStar continues to reaffirm its position as the ultimate Highway Hero, offering new ways for drivers to explore in-vehicle connectivity at the touch of a button – be it in or out of the vehicle. To catch all the action, please visit the episode playlist as well as the Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channels, while updates on player rankings can be found on the official webpage’s virtual scoreboard.

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