Nearly 60% of UAE drivers opt for used cars this Ramadan season

Nearly 60% of UAE Drivers Opt for Used Cars this Ramadan Season
  • UAE drivers are showing a strong inclination towards purchasing used cars this Ramadan, with 57% expressing openness to the idea, regardless of the car’s luxury status.
  • Audi Approved :plus Abu Dhabi offers up to 5 years unlimited mileage warranty, a 5-year free service plan, finance solutions, and the option to trade-in any make or model this Ramadan.

Abu Dhabi & Al Ain, UAE – February 14, 2024 – UAE drivers are gearing up for a value-driven Ramadan car buying season, with 57% considering the purchase of a used car this Ramadan. This places significant emphasis on attractive deals, irrespective of whether it’s a luxury or non-luxury vehicle. These insights come from a survey conducted by Audi Abu Dhabi to explore drivers’ preferences for used cars during the upcoming holy month of Ramadan.

Used Cars Options

For nearly half (41%) of drivers considering used car options, finding the right car at the right price is the top priority, with seasonal discounts and special offers (38%) as a second major motivator, highlighting the strategic timing of used car purchases during Ramadan. While the data suggests value reigns supreme, brand trust (32%) and warranty support (28%) remain important, suggesting that established dealerships with a strong reputation for quality used cars can attract value-conscious buyers seeking peace of mind alongside a good deal.

Scott Shears, General Manager of Audi Abu Dhabi, said: “The pre-owned car market has been experiencing a remarkable shift over the past few years, and we recognize the growing interest in luxury brands among value-conscious buyers. This Ramadan, we’re committed to making the transition to Audi Approved vehicles even more attractive by offering a selection of Ramadan promotions and finance options. We believe this approach will resonate with drivers seeking an exceptional driving experience without compromising on value.“

Audi Approved :plus Abu Dhabi offers up to 5-year unlimited mileage warranty, 5-year free service plan, finance solutions, and the option to trade-in any make or model this Ramadan.

The survey was conducted in conjunction with YouGov and polled over 1,000 UAE residents aged 18-50 years.

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