Ken Block’s Garage Sale

Ken Block

Who is Ken Block?

If you know rally, this man really doesn’t need much in the way of an introduction. For those less acquainted, Ken Block is Hoonigan Racing Division’s rally driver, former co-owner of DC-Shoes, co-owner of Hoonigan and all-round extreme-sport enthusiast. You’ve probably seen videos of him tearing up some of the worlds most famous cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco or Nagoya, Japan in his Gymkhana video series. Closing off streets and lining them with cameras and drones, Block hits the tarmac in plumes of tyre smoke, screeching, drifting, jumping and doughnuting his way around the city. If you haven’t seen any of this series, here’s a link to #1 – If you enjoyed that, You’ll be pleased to know there are another ten for you to catch up on, culminating in him jumping over an illuminous yellow ‘Hoonigan’ speed boat. Check them out here on Hoonigan’s own website

The Sale

Now, over the years Mr Block has built quite the collection of incredibly high tuned, rally spec, usually Hoonigan customised cars. For those with deep pockets and a love for the sport, you can now dig deep and own some of his high-octane get-up. Block has put three of his vehicles up for sale, an RS200 (one of only 200 produced for the road, #80 if you must know), a 2013 Fiesta ST and finally the 2011 Fiesta GYM3, used in the third instalment of his Gymkhana series.

The RS200

Modified well beyond the realms of what is normally acceptable for the street. The 2.1l, Evo 4-cylinder, supercharged engine is tuned to 700+ BHP, which increases to 800 with rally spec fuel. The 1986 shell is one of the most iconic designs in rally history, finished here in gloss black but with a matt black wrap. The beast under the bonnet engages through a sequential transmission and Toyo Proxes tyres. It features custom coil-over suspension, an upgraded interior and can be yours for £550,000.

2013 Fiesta ST M Sport

This rallycross legend has been seen in several of the Gymkhana series, most famously here in Dubai (video below). Developed by Hoonigan and M-Sport, the Fiesta shell houses a Pipo 2.0l turbo, 4-cylinder 600BHP beast. A Sadev sequential 6-speed engages those horses through a set of Toyos, and the results are… you can see for yourself – Owning it may take more than a bulging bank balance, up for offer you need to contact Hoonigan directly to begin negotiations.

2011 Ford Fiesta GYM3

With its roots deep in the history of Block’s Gymkhana, this little tarmac twister was converted originally by the Swedish race team, Olsberg MSE. 600BHP delivered through Olsbergs 2.0l Duratec engine and a sequential 6-speed. Seam welded and reinforced with an OlsbergsMSE rollcage and underbody protection. Yours for a tidy sum of … you need to make contact and bid. If you manage to get your hands on any of these little delights, we’d love a quick spin. Contact us here –
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