Inter Emirates Motors celebrates remarkable market growth in 2023

Inter Emirates Motors Celebrates Remarkable Market Growth in 2023
  • IEM’s efforts in the UAE resulted in an increase of nearly 4.5% in market share
  • In 2023, Inter Emirates Motors achieved nearly 70% Year-on-Year growth
Dubai, UAE, 19th December 2023: Inter Emirates Motors (IEM), a subsidiary of Ali & Sons Holding LLC and the official distributor of MG Motor in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), proudly announces the exceptional performance achieved throughout 2023, marking a triumphant year of growth and accomplishment.

Through persistent dedication and strategic initiatives, Inter Emirates Motors has reached new heights, achieving a notable increase in market share to almost 4.5% in the UAE. This firmly establishes its position among the top five key players in the industry. This exponential growth underscores the distributor’s commitment to excellence and customer-centric strategies.

Mohamed Ali Khalfan Al Dhaheri, Managing Director of the Motors Division at Ali & Sons Holding LLC, expressed his pride in this extraordinary success, stating, “The remarkable elevation of Inter Emirates Motors’ market position emphasizes our drive towards service excellence, a concerted effort deeply rooted in the fabric of the UAE’s dynamic market. We take immense pride in these monumental strides, a testament to our resolute admiration for the UAE’s automotive landscape and the trust our customers place in us.”

2023 proved to be a pivotal year, witnessing an astounding nearly 70% Year-on-Year growth — a showcase of IEM’s relentless pursuit of innovation. The introduction of the ZSEV, MG4, PHEV, and Marvel R exemplifies the brand’s dedication to cutting-edge technology and sustainable mobility solutions, resonating profoundly with the UAE’s forward-thinking and conscious audience.

Hisham Elsahn, General Manager of IEM, echoed this sentiment, saying, “Our resounding success in 2023 reflects our team’s steadfast devotion to delivering top-tier automotive experiences, harmonizing seamlessly with the vibrant UAE market. We’ve witnessed remarkable growth, driven by ingenuity and an unyielding focus on our customers’ evolving needs, laying a robust foundation for an even more promising future. We aim to solidify these efforts by continuing to introduce trailblazing offerings that prioritize affordability without compromising quality.”

Looking ahead, Inter Emirates Motors is excited to announce ambitious plans to further diversify the MG portfolio in the upcoming year. Anticipating the introduction of eight new models, the brand remains persistent to delivering cutting-edge vehicles that resonate with the evolving needs and preferences of the discerning UAE market. In response to market dynamics and customer feedback, Inter Emirates Motors will also expand its service center network in 2024. The addition of two new aftersales service centers in Al Quoz and Al Ain will escalate the total centers across the UAE to six. Additionally, the group is gearing up to announce the grand opening of the all-new Dubai showroom situated on Sheikh Zayed Road, reaffirming accessibility and exceptional customer experiences in the regional automotive industry.

Earlier this year, Inter Emirates Motors was honoured with the Outstanding Distributor Award by MG, further solidifying its approach to excellence and brand elevation in the UAE. With determined resolve and forward-thinking vigour, Inter Emirates Motors embraces the future with boundless optimism. The brand’s advancement to innovation, customer satisfaction, and market adaptability positions it for continued growth and success in 2024 and beyond.