INFINITI: A legacy of Luxury, Elegance, and Evolution

INFINITI: An Enduring Legacy of Luxury, Elegance, and Evolution

INFINITI has etched its name in the automotive world as a symbol of sophistication and innovation. For three decades INFINITI has consistently held this reputation, blending design with inspiration from its Japanese heritage.

At the heart of INFINITI’s design philosophy lies a commitment to crafting vehicles that seamlessly integrate with and enhance the lives of their occupants, resulting in a lineup that transcends mere transportation to become a harmonious extension of its drivers. From the iconic INFINITI FX to the all-new QX60, the brand has continued to push the boundaries of design while staying true to its core philosophy.

INFINITI Logo Evolution: A Timeless Symbol of Progress

Since INFINITI’s inception in 1989, the brand’s logo has drawn inspiration from the infinite road to the horizon, reflecting the forward-facing direction of a brand born to challenge convention, as well as drivers with the same attitude.

The evolved logo, the fourth iteration in the brand’s history, places greater focus on the “infinite road” and horizon line, complimented by revised INFINITI wordmark spacing, that visually accentuates the horizon. A new three-dimensional INFINITI emblem will adorn production vehicles of the future – bringing added depth while expressing dynamism, motion, and power.

As the visual focal point on the front of future INFINITI vehicles, the logo boldly announces their arrival, with illumination that elevates the bright road to the horizon. This design embodies INFINITI’s enduring commitment to innovation, exploration, and pushing beyond boundaries. The sleek and sophisticated appearance of the logo reflects the brand’s essence of delivering an unparalleled experience of luxury and prestige.

The Pursuit of Luxury: Craftsmanship and Refinement

INFINITI’s journey in the luxury segment began with an unwavering focus on craftsmanship, refinement, and delivering a driving experience like no other. The INFINITI FX35, for example, which launched in 2003, was a game-changer in the luxury crossover SUV segment.

Its bold and muscular stance defied conventions, setting it apart from competitors while introducing the world to the concept of a coupe-styled SUV. The FX introduced a fusion of sporty performance and SUV practicality, offering a driving experience that combined athleticism with elegance.

As the automotive landscape evolved, INFINITI’s design philosophy evolved with it. The FX35 became the QX70, which continued to set the standard for luxury SUVs and became a favorite among drivers who demanded the best in form and function. The QX50 and QX55 continue this legacy with beautiful exterior design, advanced technology and empowering performance. Outside, the QX50’s powerful elegance inspires bold and unique styling, while also creating a warm and comfortable interior space. The QX55 features a striking, coupe-like design that sets it apart from other SUVs on the road. It carries the mantle of the FX35 and the QX70, while also propelling the brand with its bold design.

 The INFINITI Future Unveiled: Timeless Design

As the brand continues its evolution, it is poised to redefine itself thanks to a captivating new visual identity with a strong emphasis on design language. The QX60, the spiritual successor to the FX, embodies this commitment to pushing the boundaries of design while maintaining its signature elegance. Drawing inspiration from the serene beauty of nature, the QX60’s design is an ode to the gentle ripples that grace the surface of a pond. The QX80 on the other hand, INFINITI’s most luxurious SUV, features a commanding presence providing occupants with a sense of graceful authority.

This design inspiration means that the brand’s future vehicles will exude a sense of purposeful dynamism, with sculpted lines and alluring curves that evoke a sense of movement even while standing still. Embracing the concept of “Powerful Elegance,” INFINITI’s design language aims to evoke an emotional connection with drivers and passengers alike, creating a captivating and immersive driving experience.

No better is this accentuated than the QX Monograph, which represents the evolution of INFINITI’s design language. New signature elements fit together seamlessly to create an exterior that is both powerful and graceful with precisely crafted details. It’s a perfect example of form and function working together to achieve maximum visual impact.​

With each model, INFINITI continues to draw inspiration from Japan’s design philosophy, resulting in vehicles that are not only masterpieces of engineering but also reflections of a timeless aesthetic that transcends trends, while maintaining human centricity at the heart of everything it does.