Defender now available with discreet A-KIP®

  • Additional protection: A-KIP® ballistic and blast protection is now available for Defender 110 thanks to a lightweight protection solution exclusively from TRASCO  
  • Indistinguishable securityNew model is inconspicuous by design, so award-winning Defender can hide in plain sight while offering specialist protection to those who need it 
  • Safeguarding design: Only TRASCO is officially accredited to protect Defender; its Anti-Kidnap, or A-KIP®, concept providing a unique blend of subtlety, capability and protection 
  • Exclusive converter: Specially equipped Defender 110 is available to order exclusively from accredited converter TRASCO. For more details, visit: 


    Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Wednesday 19 October 2022 – Defender clients with security protection requirements can now order a 110 equipped with enhanced ballistic and blast protection, thanks to an exclusive Jaguar Land Rover accreditation agreement with vehicle protection specialist TRASCO. 

    The lightweight Anti-Kidnap, or A-KIP®, conversion offers protection with minimal compromise and its inconspicuous design ensures a Defender protected by TRASCO is virtually indistinguishable from a standard vehicle.  

    Lightweight security-grade steel, glass and composite materials provide enhanced safety to clients, including government departments and high net worth individuals. Clients can choose between VPAM 4 or VPAM 6 levels of ballistic protection.  

    Areas fitted with VPAM-certified ballistic materials include the windscreen, doors and door glass, roof, footwells and a new ballistic rear partition with window situated behind the second row of seats. 

    Nick Collins, Executive Director, Vehicle Programmes, Land Rover, said: “Defender is the most capable Land Rover ever made and this new collaboration makes it even more dependable than before. The new A-KIP® lightweight protection solution from TRASCO turns our award-winning all-terrain vehicle into a highly capable and discreet refuge for its occupants, providing enhanced security and protection.” 

    Clients can also specify additional equipment, including a fire suppression system for the engine compartment with automatic or manual deployment, front grille-integrated blue light pack and siren*, an intercom system, run-flat tyres, heavy-duty window lifters, underbody ballistic protection and a self-sealing fuel tank for added confidence. 

    Allan Petty, European Sales Manager, TRASCO, said: “Our inconspicuous in-house designed and manufactured A-KIP® concept was conceived to help protect the most valuable of assets, human life. Discretion is often the best form of defence, and what we have created for Defender allows those who need additional protection to blend in with normal traffic as the vehicle is virtually indistinguishable from a standard model.”  

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    *Market dependent