Continental uses discarded tyres for artistic display at Dubai Design Week

Continental Breathes New Life into Discarded Tyres with Stunning Artistic Display at Dubai Design Week
Dubai, UAE, 6th November 2023 – Continental, a leading innovator in the tyre and technology industry, is set to transform discarded tyres into powerful symbols of human trust in a unique installation named the ‘Circle of Trust’ to be showcased at this year’s Dubai Design Week from November 7th to 12th.

Continental partners with Moey

As part of their commitment to sustainability and the exploration of new horizons, Continental has partnered with renowned artist Moey to create an artistic display that delves into the fundamental question: ‘Who do you trust?’ The initiative will breathe new life into discarded tyres, infusing them with profound significance.

Over 100 individuals, both public and media representatives, shared their thoughts on trust during exclusive interviews conducted by the artist Moey. Their responses were inscribed onto each tyre, adding a deeply personal dimension to the installation.

Through innovative upcycling, Continental demonstrate that utilised tyres can undergo a transformative process, transitioning from discarded waste into an inspiring canvas for both creativity and environmental means. By harnessing the untapped potential of used tyres, Continental pave the way to a cleaner, more dynamic world, and this objective is pursued one tyre at a time.

“We believe in giving discarded tyres a second chance, just as we believe in the power of trust,” said Jose De La Fuente, Managing Director of Continental Middle East.

And he added: “The Circle of Trust symbolises our commitment to sustainability and trustworthiness in the tyre industry.”

The artist behind this installation, Moey is a UAE-based conceptual artist who has lived for 15 years in Dubai. His dedication to his adopted home country and a desire to give back through his artistic talent define his creative journey. His work reflects the rich tradition of the UAE as a destination for people from around the world in pursuit of a brighter future. Moey’s artistic approach combines a celebration of diversity, unity, and community involvement, echoing his belief in the importance of inclusivity and shared experiences.

Moey, the creative force of the project, expressed his enthusiasm for building the artistic display by saying: “In these discarded tyres, I find the potential for art to transcend its conventional boundaries. Each inscription is a testament to the trust we place in one another, a beautiful reminder of the deep connections that bind humans together. The Circle of Trust is about giving new life to the old and celebrating the stories of trust that unite us.”

Visitors to Dubai Design Week will be able to engage with the installation, read the inscriptions, share their stories of trust, and add to the collective narrative. It’s a unique opportunity for individuals to become part of a larger conversation about trust and its significance in their live – visitors are encouraged to add their own stories of trust to the tyres that form part of the display, contributing to both the ever-evolving collective narrative and the art piece itself.

The Circle of Trust encapsulates the different voices that make up the cultural diversity of Dubai. It’s a celebration of unity in diversity, as participants from various backgrounds come together to share their unique perspectives on trust. The project transcends cultural, social, and demographic boundaries, emphasising that trust is a universal thread that connects us all. In doing so, Continental underscores its commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity through meaningful, art-driven initiatives.

Continental’s involvement in this project underscores their unwavering commitment to sustainability and their innovative approach to repurposing materials that might otherwise go to waste. By bringing abandoned tyres back to life and highlighting their connection to trust, Continental demonstrates how innovation and art can come together for a meaningful cause.