An Ear to the Ground – The 2021 Motor Industry Rumors

In a year that proved increasingly difficult for the motor industry, many related businesses will be glad to see the back of 2020. With a new year, comes new hope, new cars, new tech and new chatter from around coffee machines across the globe. With our ear to the ground, our radio tuned into the grape vine and our loose lips murmuring careless whispers, we take a look at what the motor industry can expect in 2021.

Chrysler Could be About to Crash

Groupe PSA’s merger with Dutch multinational motor manufacturing giant, Stellantis, may see Chrysler dropped from the line-up. Stellantis has now gobbled up fourteen brands following several mergers over the last few years. This latest merger with PSA brings talk of cuts and with just two models in production, the Associated Press report Chrysler may be topping that bill. Not alone in their fears, Lancia have also remained stagnant in recent years, reduced to just one current model, the Ypsilon.

Bobbing for Apple Cars

Just when you thought the Apple Car was all but dead in the water, word of negotiations between Korean car manufacturer and Apple emerges. Hyundai have confirmed that they’re in early talks with the tech giant and as a result saw a nineteen percent jump in company shares. Apple’s self-driving dreams were conceived way back in 2014, since then they’ve all but given up on the idea. Rumors started circulating again last year, and with Hyundai’s confirmation it seems that Apple are back on the wagon. The self-driving, electric powered wagon.

eJap Speed

The focus in Japan continues to shift towards electric vehicles. Whilst this may alarm petrol heads the world over, word that Honda is looking at an electric NSX should be enough to at least make you wonder what could be. The NSX sits quietly amongst the supercar giants. With names like Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren bring banded about, its easy to forget that the Honda NSX has been turning heads since the early 90’s. Their latest edition NSX, a hybrid, certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Audi Do That

Less rumour and more on the way, Audi are this year releasing their eTron range. The Q4 eTron will be an SUV capable of around a 500km range and producing 300bhp. An expected revelation for this year is their eTron GT and RS eTron GT. The RS is set to rival the Porsche Taycan, pushing 650bhp, a 400km range and 0-60mph in 2.4 seconds. Impressive.

As for Autodrift, the rumors are more great content, more reviews, more news and more of all things car and road from around the UAE. We hope you all have a great 2021.
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