Al Ghandi Auto elevates the Shop, Click, Drive experience

Al Ghandi Auto Elevates the Shop, Click, Drive Experience with Advance Vehicle Reservation System
Dubai, UAE – 20 November 2023Al Ghandi Auto, the exclusive distributor of GMC and Chevrolet in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, as well as Cadillac in the UAE, has unveiled a new website feature poised to enhance the car buying experience by introducing the Advanced Vehicle Reservation System. This exciting system allows potential car buyers to log on to Al Ghandi Auto’s ‘Shop, Click, Drive’ website, and reserve their ideal vehicles ahead of time, with the assurance of a 100% refundable booking amount.

Al Ghandi Auto has always been at the forefront of customer-centric innovation, ensuring that customers feel secure and prioritized at every step of the car-buying journey. The Advance Vehicle Reservation system guarantees customers the opportunity to select their desired models, colors, and configurations before anyone else, eliminating the stress of potential shortages or waiting lists. Furthermore, transparent pricing information, including any ongoing promotions or offers, helps customers make informed decisions quickly.  

Setting itself apart from traditional reservation systems, Al Ghandi Auto ensures customers’ peace of mind by making all reservation fees fully refundable. Should a reserved vehicle not meet the customer’s expectations, they can confidently reclaim their booking amount, reflecting Al Ghandi Auto’s commitment to complete customer satisfaction and a seamless car-buying experience.  

Mark Jenkins, CEO of Al Ghandi Auto Group, said: “Even though the industry has already taken substantial strides and investments to minimise delays, customers’ demand for precise delivery timeframes remains resolute. As one of the leading automotive dealerships in the UAE, our forward-thinking approach empowers our customers to secure their desired vehicle ahead of time, assuring they don’t miss out on the latest releases.”  

This dynamic reservation system ensures the availability of the desired car when customers visit the Al Ghandi Auto showrooms. Additionally, it offers information on upcoming models and new releases, empowering customers to plan their purchases based on preferences and the latest available products.  

With the Al Ghandi Auto website updated daily with new arrivals and stock inventory, this real-time update feature further enables customers to make timely and informed decisions about their future car purchases.