Al-Futtaim Group nominates Emirati Sustainability Champions as voices of change

Al-Futtaim Group Nominates Emirati Sustainability Champions To Continue Driving The Sustainability Agenda Forward Beyond COP28
  • The Sustainability Champions represented Al-Futtaim Group at the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) conference in Frankfurt held in November 2023
  • The champions worked in close collaboration with the UAE’s Youth Authority and participated in various panels at COP28

Dubai, UAE, 19 December 2023:  In a strategic move to continue advocating greater environmental and sustainability awareness, Al-Futtaim Group nominated three Emirati Sustainability Champions to become the leading voices of change and become the next-generation ambassadors of the UAE’s sustainable future.

Sustainability Champions of Al-Futtaim Group

The three champions, Ahmed Aljasmi, Regional Sustainability Lead at IKEA; Meera Al Naqbi, Electrical Engineer at Al-Futtaim Technologies; and Yasmine Alshaikh, Learning and Development Specialist at Al-Futtaim Retail, were selected based on their consistent efforts and passion towards implementing eco-consciousness in their diverse work streams. Prior to their appointment as sustainability champions, the Al-Futtaim employees were closely working with the UAE Federal Youth Authority, representing youth in the private sector.  

The three sustainable champions participated at the United Nations’ SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Conference held in Frankfurt in November 2023, representing Al-Futtaim Group, the Middle East region’s only organization present at the event. They learnt and exchanged ideas on sustainability at the prestigious conference, further solidifying their role as champions.  

The three representatives were part of multiple panel conversations at COP28, where Al-Futtaim Group played a pivotal role as the event’s Strategic E-Mobility Partner. They participated in the Youth Circle discussion on the topic of ‘Adapting For Sustainability Future: Navigating Change In The Private Sector’; a key session that had representatives from the Dubai’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), COP28 Presidency, Ministry of Health & Prevention, Dubai Electricity & Water Authority, among other eminent private and public entities.  

They also headlined a panel discussion titled ‘Generation Green: Youth for Sustainability’, which took place on the Al-Futtaim Stand, Technology & Innovation Hub 2, Green Zone, during the Youth Day at COP28.  

The champions shared insights on their interaction with the various COP28 delegations and UN councils, as well as how they are partnering with internal teams to develop and implement innovative solutions to making sustainability a priority across all business practices, from automotive to retail to real estate projects.  

Ahmed Aljasmi, Regional Sustainability Lead, IKEA, commented: “The active engagement of youth in sustainable development efforts is central to achieving sustainable, inclusive, and stable societies.  Representing Al-Futtaim in this way allows us to showcase our achievements, leverage our expertise and serve as an inspiration to others to drive transformative change, in our company and beyond.”  

Al-Futtaim Group believes that by empowering these sustainability champions, the Group will be able to continue fostering dialogues, awareness, and action on environmental-friendly practices into the future, as well as inspire others within the organization to continue making sustainability an everyday reality.