7 ways of maintaining your luxury car

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Luxury cars are not only a means of transport for buyers but in most cases an extension of their personality.  We sat down with The Elite Cars earlier this year and they have put together a quick checklist of 7 ways you could protect and maintain your luxury car.

1. Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule

Regularly scheduled maintenance is essential for any vehicle, but more so for luxury cars. They often require more in-depth maintenance than other mainstream vehicles due to their advanced features. For instance, the high-performance engine residing under the hood is far more complex and utilizes more moving parts than your average motor, requiring a greater level of service to keep it in prime condition. Therefore, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedules to keep your luxury vehicles performing at its peak.

2. Keep it clean

It’s important to maintain that luxury paint job so that your car stays looking brand-new for as long as possible. Consider washing your car weekly so that you can remove any dirt or debris that accumulates over the course of the week and keep it looking fresh. As for the interior, no matter how often you drive your luxury car, make it a point to vacuum out the interior once every other week. Taking just 10 minutes to vacuum off every surface keeps dust at bay and helps eliminate odors. While you’re at it, you can also polish the windshield and windows, refresh leather upholstery with leather cleaner and use appropriate cleaning products for different materials.

3. Respect the mechanics of the car and don’t abuse it whilst driving

Drivers should always use common sense no matter what car they’re driving. Excessive hard braking and hitting speed bumps over the limit can cause trouble, and it’s best to avoid those practices wherever possible. You might get away with aggressive driving in a normal car, but with a luxury car, not exercising common sense on the road can lead to costly repairs.

4. Beware of direct sunlight

In addition to the above, we strongly recommend not to park your high-end vehicle under direct sunlight for a long period of time. This is especially true for those who live in arid climates, with very dry and hot weather, such as UAE. Temperatures inside a car parked under direct sun can shoot up dangerously, by up to 40-degrees Celsius in a matter of minutes. This means in the current weather here, heat inside a closed car’s cabin can reach up to nearly 50-60 degrees Celsius. Too much heat can damage your vehicle`s paint and components under the bonnet.  So, try to park smart, use reflective windscreen sun shield and leave a minor gap in the windows to circulate the air inside.

5. Regularly check the tyre condition and air pressure

Maintaining proper air pressure in your tires is key to prolonging their life, ensuring a safe ride and preserving fuel economy. It’s best to check tire pressure in the morning when the tires are cool. If you check tire pressure after driving, especially at higher speeds, the tires and the air in them can heat up and display a temporary increase in pressure. Checking your tire’s condition is another vital point, especially when you drive super and hyper cars. The more you drive, the more your tires get bald, increasing the chance of possible accidents. So check the air pressure and the condition on time!

6. Use original and certified parts

We know that there is always an ongoing debate on whether it is better to use auto parts from OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), which are usually expensive or go for aftermarket ones. We keep it short, use only original and certified parts if you are a luxury vehicle owner. Not much explanation needed here, as it is quite obvious that original parts are always thoroughly tested by OEMs, as opposed to generic parts which are more prone to get broken. So, always choose original and certified parts!

7. Get a professional service

Last but not least, your prestigious vehicle needs the true care it deserves. While there are a number of service centers around, only a few ones can actually speak the same language as your car and be able to service it professionally. Such service centers as Elite Motor Services provide tailored maintenance, repair and customization services and use only genuine and certified parts. You can also purchase service packages with all the essential maintenance included, such as oil change, air filter cleaning, checking tyre condition and a lot more. So choose your service center wisely!
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