5 Tips for car care this summer brought to you by dubizzle cars

There is a great amount of information for human care during our 45 + degree summers. Keep hydrated, avoid prolonged exposure, protect yourself with hi factor cream (if you can even manage the beach in the summer that is) but what about car care?

A few simple extra checks can keep you off the side of the road and motoring on happily, here are our top 5.


Just as we need water your car needs coolant. The summer puts extra stress on the engine so it has to work harder potentially using more coolant and oil. Just pull into any petrol station and ask someone to check them for you if your not the hands on type. Always try to carry a water container with you just in case, not only if you do break down but also water can be used for coolant to get you home.

Engine oil

It relies on different levels of viscosity or thickness to protect the engine’s moving parts. Once the oil has got too thin to offer protection it has expired and needs to be changed. The all day and night heat in the summer can speed up the process and actually result in your oil level getting low quicker than normal especially on older cars with larger engines

Brake fluid

Brake Fluid does not get consumed in the same way as coolant or oil but check it anyway while you are there

Windscreen washer fluid

Not super important to check in relation to heat but just important all year round. Dust and sandstorms can happen at anytime and imagine going to clean your windscreen in a storm and the bottle is empty. It happens so another one to check while you are in the service station


The only part of your car that touches the road, modifications count for nothing when your contact zone is not much bigger than an iphone. In the UAE road temperature can be over 70 degree centigrade and we have all seen bits of rubber on the road from exploding rubber used well past the safety point. Change your tyres every 5 years or when the center tread becomes less than 1.6mm. Also make sure your tyres are on more than 2 years old when you purchase them by checking the creation date on the side wall

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