The new McLaren Artura Spider: next-generation supercar exhilaration

McLaren today reveals the new Artura Spider, its first-ever convertible with a high-performance hybrid powertrain and the second Artura model. The new Spider is introduced with significant upgrades to power, performance and driver engagement, which combine with the sensory pleasures of open-top driving to add a remarkable new dimension to the Artura.

Further elevating the Artura’s next-generation supercar performance, the enhancements engineered for the Spider have also been incorporated into the Artura coupe, with a new model introduced simultaneously. Both new Spider and new coupe deliver the highest levels of dynamic performance – up to and including outstanding circuit ability – as well as meeting the requirements of regular driving and offering the near-silent electric-drive so beneficial in urban environments.

McLaren Artura Spider

The new Artura Spider was designed and developed to ambitious targets across the board, with particular focus on driver engagement, performance, agility, refinement, efficiency and quality. The additional attraction of a retractable hard-top that operates electrically in just 11 seconds to provide a full convertible experience, ensures intoxicating supercar exhilaration.

McLaren’s relentless focus on its super-lightweight engineering philosophy is key to delivering the advantages that enable delivery of the exceptional dynamic characteristics and performance – with driver engagement to match – demanded of any its cars.

The new Artura Spider has a dry lightest weight of just 1,457kg, with kerbweight (DIN) of only 1,560kg – just 62kg more than the Artura coupe. These figures position the new Spider as easily the lightest among convertible competition, enjoying an advantage of up to 83kg.

More importantly, in combination with the 700PS of the high-performance hybrid powertrain, this gives a power-to-weight ratio of 480PS/tonne at lightest dry weight, which perfectly positions the Artura Spider to optimise every aspect of supercar high-performance, including exploiting its mid-mounted engine, rear-wheel drive chassis layout to the full.

The McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA) at the heart of the Artura provides a secure platform with no loss of rigidity when the fixed roof is removed – the majority of the 62kg difference between Spider and coupe is accounted for by the electrically-operated Retractable Hard Top (RHT) mechanism.


McLaren’s high-performance hybrid powertrain has been recalibrated, with an additional 20PS from the V6 combustion engine* on the MY25 Artura, increasing overall power to 700PS. The additional power is focused from 4,000rpm to the redline at 8,500rpm, providing a marked ‘crescendo’ in performance. Peak torque value remains at a muscular 720Nm, its delivery optimised by minor changes to electronic mapping. This engine recalibration will also be made available free-of-charge to existing Artura owners** via their McLaren Retailer.

The 3.0-litre M630 dry-sump aluminium petrol engine, which now achieves in excess of 200PS per litre, is extremely compact and lightweight – at just 160kg it weighs 50kg less than a McLaren V8 and is significantly shorter, enhancing packaging efficiency.

The soundtrack of the engine has also been enhanced, with a revised valved exhaust system incorporating a tuned resonator and upward conical shape to the tailpipes to further refine the engine note at the middle and higher points of the rev range. This provides a ‘cleaner’ sound that envelops the occupants. An optional sports exhaust system is available, offering an enhanced, clearer tone overall and even greater driver engagement through an exhaust symposer that channels authentic sound waves from the tailpipe into the cabin.

The response and power of the Artura’s V6 is complemented by an extremely compact axial flux E-motor. Located within the transmission bell housing, it generates 95PS and 225Nm and boasts a power density per kilogramme 33% greater than the system used in the iconic McLaren P1™ hypercar.

The instant torque delivery provided by the E-motor and the 605PS of the twin-turbocharged V6 engine give the Artura razor-sharp throttle response and acceleration across the board, whether in-gear or through the gears. The Artura Spider’s official figures of 0-100km/h (0-62mph) in 3.0 seconds, 0-200km/h (0-124mph) in 8.4 seconds and 0-300km/h (0-186mph) in 21.6 seconds highlight the levels of supercar performance available, all the way up to a maximum speed limited to 330km/h (205mph).

A Launch Control system for optimised performance on track is standard, as is a new ‘Spinning Wheel Pull-Away’ feature. Activated by disengaging Electronic Stability Control by pressing the ESC button on the driver binnacle, this allows dramatic wheelspin when accelerating from standstill with a large throttle load.

The Artura has four powertrain drive modes: Comfort, Sport and Track, plus the electric only, emissions-free E-mode. Comfort mode combines electric and hybrid drive for extended stop and start driving with the combustion engine shut off at low speeds and redeployed when speeds or acceleration inputs demand. Sport and Track modes use the electric motor in an increasingly aggressive manner for low-end response and acceleration (‘torque infill’) and incorporate sharper gearshift strategies. Track mode delivers the highest high-voltage battery recharge rate. E-mode – which is the default ‘start’ mode – has been refined to provide greater emissions-free driving range. The required mode is selected using one of the two rocker controls on the top of the instrument binnacle.

The degree of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) intervention can also be adjusted, to suit driver preference and weather and road conditions. Operated by a button in the handling mode control, the selectable settings are fully on; ESC DYN, which allows more freedom and also gives the option to activate Variable Drift Control; or OFF, which removes electronic intervention.

Braking performance is also exceptional. The MY25 Artura utilises carbon ceramic discs, enhanced lightweight aluminium calipers and new brake cooling ducts. The braking system works in combination with rear-axle kinematics and revised engine and vehicle damping response rates to deliver even better high-speed braking power and stability, also extending disc and pad life in track driving conditions. With revised ABS calibration, braking distances for the Spider and new coupe are 31m to standstill from 100kmh (62mph) and an improved 124m from 200km/h (124mph).

Artura: Design Language

The visual design and architecture of the new Spider make it immediately recognisable as an Artura, despite the integration of the Retractable Hard Top (RHT) and the changes this brings. The ‘shrink-wrapped’, sculpted bodywork; signature ‘hammerhead’ nose; integrated front fender louvres; and headlight air intakes are all familiar yet still striking – as too are the dihedral doors that open close to the body to allow easy access and egress in tight parking spaces.

But as a convertible, the new Spider is unquestionably a supercar with a visual identity all of its own, and the requirements of the RHT system are central to this. All-new buttresses – which incorporate the rollover structure – include a glazed section to aid rear visibility that also doubles as a channel for airflow into the engine bay area. A heated rear screen, which raises or lowers at the touch of a button either to optimise comfort with the roof lowered or to allow exhaust sound into the cabin for additional driver engagement when it is raised, is located between the buttresses.

The cabin of the new Artura Spider – trimmed in performance or luxury materials according to the driver’s preference – retains the purposeful, driver-focused design of the coupe. The ‘clean’ steering wheel is free of buttons and controls, aside from the sculpted gearshift paddles which move with the wheel for optimal driver ergonomics. The driver display binnacle, which moves with the column when adjusted for reach or rake to ensure all driving information is always within the driver’s eyeline, also houses the controls to select Handling and Powertrain modes, allowing changes – including an easy switch between electric and hybrid drive – without taking hands off the steering wheel.

The innovative McLaren Clubsport seat is fitted as standard in most markets. Adjusting through an elliptical arc to combine the range of motion expected of a moveable backrest with the light weight and close support of a bucket seat, the Clubsport seat is equally at home on road or track. Adjustable lumbar support can be specified as an additional feature. Drivers wanting a more traditional but still appropriately sporting seat can option the electrically adjustable, heated comfort seats with memory.

The Artura’s McLaren infotainment and connectivity system (MIS II) uses two high-definition screens. Delivering smartphone levels of responsiveness, MIS II is capable of smartphone mirroring and the Artura now offers wireless charging as an option, for use with enabled mobile devices and incorporates a unique, soft-faced retainer that supports the phone in a vertical upright position. Familiar McLaren apps – including Variable Drift Control – also feature on MIS II.

MIS II also enables a number of ADAS driver assistance features with Lane Departure Warning – which retains user-preference until manually reactivated via a fascia-mounted switch – and Road Sign Recognition now fitted to all Arturas. Also available optionally are Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control with Switchable Follow Mode, Auto High-Beam Assist, Blindspot Monitoring and Rear Cross-Traffic Detection.

A revised range of options and options packs are introduced with the MY25 Artura, including exterior and interior carbon fibre components and a new, faster vehicle lift. Silver badging is now a no-cost option, with new Stealth badging – which incorporates black badges front and rear as well as a black McLaren Speedmark on the wheel centre caps – standard fit.

A five-speaker McLaren Audio System is standard fit. Customers can choose to specify the Artura’s acclaimed Bowers & Wilkins 12-speaker surround sound audio system, which is exclusively available with the Technology Pack. This system features Bowers & Wilkins’ Continuum™ midrange speakers to ensure precise reproduction of voices and instruments throughout the cabin, complemented by Nautilus™ Aluminium Double Dome tweeters to provide greater clarity at high frequencies. The Artura Spider additionally features an additional rear centre speaker to optimise the cabin’s convertible-specific acoustic requirements.

The MY25 Artura has a new 15-spoke wheel as standard, in silver finish. A new gold-coloured Orum wheel finish is available on both Dynamo and Star wheel designs, with the latter now available in a full range of finishes. The Calibre 10-Spoke Super-Lightweight wheel joins the list of optional wheels, and is available finished in Silver, Dark Stealth or Gloss Black. All wheels can be optionally specified with Titanium Wheel Bolts, saving approximately 0.4kg of unsprung mass – indicative of the level of attention given to delivering weight reduction.

An extended palette of exterior paints, some of which are available on the Artura for the first time, is introduced for the new Spider; twenty Elite colours are offered in addition to the standard five colours, with a further eighteen MSO colours also available.

Every new Artura comes as standard with a five-year, unlimited mileage vehicle warranty; a six-year, 75,000km/45,000mile battery warranty and a ten-year anti-perforation body warranty. These warranties can be extended. A three-year service plan is also included, as is a five-year roadside assistance package.
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