2022 INFINITI Q60: All-round vehicular innovation


While some people regard cars as a means of transport, others seek vehicles that complement their personalities, and a growing market segment is seeking the best of all worlds to cater to their dynamic personas. This fast-evolving customer base is on the lookout for cars that incorporate just the right sporty-vibe while also exuding luxury and style. Catering to that distinct demand, the 2022 INFINITI Q60 brings to the table high-end artisanship blended with superior interiors and powerful technology, representing the pinnacle of the luxury sports coupe segment.


2022 INFINITI Q60 – More than meets the eye

Boasting a choice of 300 and 400 horse-power engines, and with rear-wheel drive and a 7-speed automatic transmission, there is enough power under the hood to give you an idea of the kind of performance the Q60 has at its disposable to make every one of your journeys a spectacular one.

This performance goes on to inspire the design of the car that also comes equipped with technologically advanced features, presenting drivers with everything they would seek from a distinct driving experience. Of the featured innovations on available in the Q60 are INFINITI’s Direct Adaptive Steering, a world-first technology that removes the mechanical connection between the steering wheel and tires, allowing for instantaneous driver input, and the Dynamic Digital Suspension, which monitors the vehicle’s body roll, pitch and bounce rate to deliver a secure ride and provide optimal comfort and agility.

Stay connected

In today’s world, we are collectively connected to our devices and manage most our lives and careers through them.


The Q60 does not let you miss a beat by seamlessly adapting to your technological ecosystem and preferences by syncing with your contacts, calendars, and mobile apps (whether through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto), allowing you to access them on the fly and with the press of a button. All you need to do is keep your eyes on the road ahead, and the Q60 will take care of the rest. 

Tech-powered with a human spirit

The Q60 makes exceptional use of its technology to power its best features. The Drive Assist Technologies offer an unparalleled sense of ease and confidence to keep you and all your passengers safe. With the car taking the driver’s seat in terms of sensing and reacting to surrounding challenges and threats, the INFINITI Q60 is your ideal co-pilot on the highway by limiting your forward movement with pre-crash seatbelts, which can tighten before impact to lower the risk of injury. It also comes with Active Lane Control, which keeps a watchful eye on the road ahead, monitoring lane markers and evaluating the conditions so you can glide forward with a feeling of control. Another safety feature is Intelligent Cruise Control, which measures the distance from the vehicle ahead and controls acceleration and deceleration to automatically maintain a suitable following distance.

A rich aesthetic

One should explicitly look beyond the cover of a book? The Q60 certainly proves otherwise. Elegant, powerful, and unlike anything that has come before, the INFINITI Q60’s exterior design is unmistakable in every sense, exuding opulent craftsmanship with meticulous design elements, such as the double-arch grille, chrome exhaust finishers, aluminium alloy wheels, and black mirror caps, among many other eye-catching details.

Drive it home from Arabian Automobiles:

Arabian Automobiles, the flagship company of the AW Rostamani Group and the exclusive dealer for INFINITI in Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates, is home to the INFINITI Q60 but that could change – Head to the showroom and guest drive an automotive marvel that is sure to become your on-road, long-term partner on many journeys towards success and a vast future.

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