2021 Toyota Hilux: Price and Specs

2021 Toyota Hilux
Over the years, the Toyota Hilux has been every business owner’s ideal workhorse. Its dependability, reliability and versatility has made it the world’s favorite pick-up. Now, the 2021 model is miles ahead of its predecessors with many modern features and design elements. In a nutshell, it’s truly been built for the job.

2021 Toyota Hilux Price:

Toyota Hilux Single Cabin 4×2 : AED 79,200 Toyota Hilux Single Cabin 4×4 : AED 100,800 Toyota Hilux Double Cabin 4×2 :  AED 86,550 Toyota Hilux Double Cabin 4×4 : AED 109,150

Toyota Hilux Double Cabin 4×4 Specs:

Engine 2.7 Liters
Cylinders 4
Drive System 4×4
Transmission 5 Speed Manual
Horsepower 164 Bhp
Torque 255 Nm
Top Speed 170 km per hour
Fuel Economy 7.8 Liters per 100 km
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