Rumor Mill – Toyota Celica to Return? GR86?

Toyota Celica
There’s been a lot of speculation about what’s going on with Toyota’s fastback coupé. With news that Toyota renewed it’s trademark on the name Celica, and more recently the announcement that the GT86 will no longer be sold in the UK. Something is definitely stirring in them there waters. The GT86 was co developed along with Subaru who released the BRZ back in 2012. Mechanically, the two are the same although each manufacturer tuned the suspension and steering themselves, so they do have a different feel. One of the rumors we picked up on was that Subaru and Toyota are working on something new. Something all-wheel-drive and hot hatchy, inspired by the rally cars they produced in the 90’s. Apparently the vehicle fits the footprint of the Impreza Sport, but this doesn’t suggest anything like a fastback coupé Toyota. The Celica GT-Four was an AWD was the most successful Japanese rally car of all time and ranks as in the top ten of all time. Perhaps, and this is purely speculation, the two are working on a rally car. Similar to the GT86/BRZ, developed together but tuned separately by each brand. Toyota Celica Another consideration is that the Supra made a welcome return recently. Initially the Celica Supra was just a better version of the Celica. They split in 1986 with the Supra going rear wheel drive and the Celica front. Is it possible that Toyota are looking to cash in on the nostalgia and bring back the Celica as well? As it stands, time will reveal all. For now, Toyota are pushing the GR Yaris, which has received a phenomenal reception. GR is Toyota’s rally branch, and this new Yaris is a mean machine. Regulations for rally cars have always required that the entrant’s vehicle is based on a road car. New regulations state you need to produce 25,000 road cars to qualify. Toyota have gone all out and created a rally car for the road. Designed with rally in mind, the GR Yaris is nothing like any other Yaris that has come before. The reviews have been nothing but celebration at this latest of Toyota’s releases, likened to the Impreza and Evo explosions seen in the 90’s, the bar has again been raised. This leads us to a final GT86 speculation. Perhaps we’ll see a GR86? Higher spec, rally tweaked? The build certainly fits the profile. Whatever the outcome of all this, we’ll be keeping a keen eye on happenings.
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