Renault Dokker: Empowering your business journey

Renault Dokker: An empowering partner in your business journey
The vehicle you drive is nothing less than a partner in your everyday journey. The need for one that is practical, spacious, and functional has led to their popularity for years. An unconventional take on traditional vans, the Renault Dokker is the latest offering in this genre that is a perfect fit for businesses. Dokker redefines functionality with an apparent aptitude and design that ensures all your jobs are done effectively.

What is the Renault Dokker capable of?

With a design that allows for easy loading and an interior that is spacious to tend to various business needs, the Renault Dokker is a clear definition of vehicular practicality. Whether your business involves the delivery of products or you use your car as a travel-workplace, the Dokker is an ideal partner capable of enduring any challenges that may accompany various circumstances on the road. The van is sturdy, reliable and capable of keeping you safe, no matter the situation.

Appealing Renault Dokker exteriors:

The Renault Dokker is as efficient as it is pleasing to look at. Its sleek design is dotted with in-sync, solid lines that are reflective of its energetic performance, further accentuated by the car’s high beltline, bodyside structuring, and arresting headlights.

The ability to fit in:

A striking feature that contributes to the practicality factor of the Renault Dokker is the generous space it allows for, granting drivers the opportunity to take care of their business needs in the best possible way. The usable space is also spacious enough to second as a remote office for you to operate your daily chores on the move if need be.

The loading space also means that you can fit in all that you need to make your business grow. All this without any compromises on comfort and style.

Seat it the way you like:

If your functional requirement needs space to load more things, leave all your worries to the flexible seating option that the Renault Dokker grants with the easy-seat option.

The removable front passenger seat can be utilised in four ways – to transport one passenger with longitudinal and lumbar control, to augment the loading length by folding down the back of the seat, to fold and tilt for wider objects, or to add 0.6 m3 of space by completely removing the seat. As such, the Renault Dokker has a usable volume of 3.3 m3 and 600 kg of usable cargo capacity.

The power of automotive features:

The Renault Dokker houses a 1.6 85 HP engine, with a consumption of 6.7 L per 100 km, making all your drives smooth yet powerful. Make the challenges of the road your allies with features like an anti-lock braking system and emergency brake assist and keep things under control with the electronic stability control option.

All these features make the Renault Dokker a reliable business partner that you can count on. For more information, visit or your nearest Arabian Automobiles R-Store or dial 800-RENAULT (800-7362858).