Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX and VISION One-Eleven inspire futuristic mobility at GITEX

Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX and VISION One-Eleven Concept Car Inspire Futuristic Mobility and Technology at GITEX

Dubai  Epitomizing the future of mobility and technology, Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX and VISION One-Eleven are displayed at this year’s GITEX event in Dubai. The VISION EQXX research prototype demonstrates the potential of electric mobility for the digital and sustainable age. The VISION One-Eleven represents the future of sporty performance with advanced technology and striking design.

GITEX is the largest tech show in the region, bringing together the world’s most innovative enterprises and minds to elevate business, economy, society, and culture. The annual event takes place at Dubai World Trade Centre from 16 to 20 October. The visionary concept cars are displayed at the official e& pavilion, presented in partnership with Mercedes-Benz Cars Middle East.

As a platform aimed at accelerating digital innovation and technology, GITEX is the ideal event for Mercedes-Benz to showcase pioneering concept cars that represent breakthroughs in terms of design, technology, connectivity, and progressive luxury.

Heiko Guenther, Vice President & Director Sales, Customer Services and Business Transformation at Mercedes-Benz Cars Middle East said, “At Mercedes-Benz we are focused on pioneering technology to produce the world’s most desirable cars. The VISION EQXX is more than a show car and represents a technology programme to accelerate the transformation to electric mobility through efficiency and range. The VISION One-Eleven showcases exceptional and iconic design, while pushing the boundaries in terms of technology. We are proud to present these concept cars at GITEX in partnership with e&, inspiring visitors with what the future of mobility and technology can look like.”

First revealed in November 2022 at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the VISION EQXX has demonstrated outstanding range and efficiency in real-world driving. This was achieved through advanced electric drivetrain technology, highly efficient vehicle systems and innovative aerodynamics. The car broke its own efficiency record, travelling 1,202 km from Stuttgart to Silverstone in the UK on a single battery charge, with an average energy consumption of 8.3 kWh/100 km. The average speed was 83.0 km/h and the solar roof generated energy for 43 km. Due to the outstanding recuperation technology, energy for approx. 200 km (approx. 16.6 kWh) was recovered – 1/6 of the total distance.

The remarkable electric drivetrain means efficiency of 95% is achieved through an innovative motor design, slashing mechanical losses, and substantially increasing the energy density of the battery pack. The battery in the VISION EQXX has roughly the same energy as the one in the Mercedes-Benz EQS but is half the size and around 30% lighter.

The VISION One-Eleven was first revealed in June 2023 at the Mercedes-Benz International Design Centre in California. It embodies a progressive interpretation of the legendary C 111 experimental vehicles from the 1970s. The pioneering sports car study combines a highly dynamic design language with innovative, all-electric drive technology, making it a design and technology pioneer in equal measure.

The supercar silhouette is characterised by skillful execution of the signature Mercedes-Benz One-Bow design that is a marker of its 21st-century style. With its simple yet extreme proportions, the all-electric two-seater concept car revives the DNA of the C 111, which was avant-garde in its day.

Technology highlights include a new battery concept with high-performance cylindrical cells as well as an exceptionally powerful and advanced axial-flux motor from YASA. Axial flux motors are considerably more compact and lighter than radial motors, with more enduring power reserves. This combination delivers a whole new level of performance.

Inside, the VISION One-Eleven presents the first sports car interior with a lounge concept. It reflects the paradigm shift from self-driven sports car to autonomous electric vehicle within the super sportscar segment and unites two completely different states of being.

Both the VISION EQXX and VISION One-Eleven were showcased at the IAA International Motor Show in Germany in September 2023 and following this the VISION EQXX was showcased at the Geneva International Motor Show Qatar in October 2023. Visitors are invited to explore both visionary concept cars at the official e& pavilion at GITEX from 16 to 20 October.